There’s more to social media than just Facebook

Commonly, we’ll get asked which of the main social media outlets should be utilised for a given brand. Of course, more often than not we’ll recommend Facebook as the go-to network. However, is there more to social media for brands than just Facebook? There certainly is. We outline some competing ‘visual web’ outlets below, and how they can be used to contribute to your strategy as the social media landscape becomes more diversified and competitive.

Instagram has become a huge winner for brands, showing a 23% growth in active usage between Q2 & 4 last year. Very visual in its nature, Instagram offers the opportunity to create emotional connections with your audience through imagery & videos. The beauty of Instagram is that it is algorithm-free, meaning that the proportion of your audience who is online during your content’s life-span on the feed will see it. Reach – provided you are pushing content at optimal times during the day – should never be a problem on Instagram. Do not be afraid to add Instagram to your social media strategy, but be mindful that you need a tailored content strategy/plan aimed at producing content that is specific to this outlet and relevant to the audience.

The APAC region has been a little slow in jumping on Pinterest, with only 5% of internet users active on this outlet. However, it is a niche active audience, providing an opportunity for businesses targeting visually-driven females (80% of Pinterest users are female). As a ‘visual web’ outlet, Pinterest is often used for purchase-inspiration – in fact, it even tops Facebook for ‘eCommerce related sharing’. What does this mean? Well, if you’re looking to push brand-specific messages to a female-driven market, this is the outlet to use. Again, use it in combination with other outlets (specifically, Facebook). But don’t use it to simply recycle content through. Think about your strategy, monitor your audience and tweak your strategy based on their interaction.

Very much like Pinterest, Tumblr isn’t huge in APAC relative to other regions globally. An active audience, however, does exist on this outlet – the average visit is 14 minutes, longer than Facebook & Twitter! The opportunity for brands here, once again, is in targeting a niche audience. 66% of Tumblr visitors are under 35, and 39% under 25. Tumblr is a total youth market, who funnily enough have disposable cash (and are looking to consume). If this demographic fits within your target market, look to use Tumblr to push ‘images of expression’ which remain on-brand. Look to build a relationship with this youth market and use imagery as the mechanism.

Of course, there are a multitude of other social networks out there ready for you to utilise. However, be mindful of the fact that you don’t need to always go where the mass-audience is active. Think thoroughly about your demographic, research the available outlets & their usage statistics and tailor a strategy accordingly.

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George Pappas

March 6, 2014

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