Paid Ads Management

The importance of social ads and search engine marketing is unquestionable.

Too often brands invest money in digital advertising without a strong strategy behind it. Different outlets produce different results, and each outlet presents dozens of product types.

We will work with you to formulate a strong ads strategy, and work continuously to optimise creative, copy, and targeting to ensure awesome results.

What can we assist with?

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    Social Media Ads
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    Google Adwords
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    Google Shopping
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Who we've worked with

Case Study: Hydralyte

G Squared was commissioned by Hydralyte to collaborate with creative partner Matterhorn in producing their first social media campaign off the back of their traditional campaign targeting three usage occasions – V&D, hangover & heat/travel.

We produced a three-tiered social campaign, targeting the three distinct audiences with relatable and engaging content keeping the campaign concept consistent across all executions and tailoring to push the boundaries socially.


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