How we increased and improved unique web visitors by introducing a holistic digital media strategy.


decrease in bounce rate


increase in pages/session


increase in conversion rate


ARB’s main challenge was in measuring the level of intent of web users, and using that insight to drive higher quality traffic. ARB wanted to expand their reach online and target those with buying power.


First-party data offered unique insights into the behaviours of four-wheel drive (4WD) adventurists, ARB’s target audience for this campaign.

Our custom audiences model was built using Quantcast’s proprietary targeting strategy, Search Powered Audiences (SPA), and Facebook Lookalikes, which we used to reach the 4WD adventurist audience with both social & display ads.

ARB was able to provide on-going messaging to these potential customers, drive high-quality website traffic and in turn, increase site engagement.

We implemented pixels and events across key conversion pages, and intricately tracked user behaviour to get a thorough understanding of a high intent customer. In using this analytical-led approach, paired with an omnichannel solution, we delivered real-time advertising for ARB that drove results.

We found that by constantly optimising towards the most engaged users and using the creatives that saw the most engagements, ARB saw an uplift in their overall digital advertising results, demonstrating the incremental impact a holistic strategy can have.


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