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Eyecare Plus, a large member-based optometry brand with over 160 clinics, approached us with a unique issue: they had over time built up more than 40 separate websites, and there was very little structure or process in its management.

In addition, Eyecare Plus brand had limited visibility on Google Search. Visits from organic traffic were stagnant, and the brand struggled to increase leads through organic traffic. In addition, we needed to implement a strategy that included over 140+ Google My Business listings.

Together with paid media, the challenge was to establish a strong digital presence for Eyecare Plus utilising web, SEO and paid media, and drive conversions through these channels.


First, we designed & built an all-in-one solution, allowing HQ to manage all member/clinic pages and all be based off an interactive ‘Find your closest optometrist’ function. The website also has attached to it a Member Web, which houses important resources, documents and information for each clinic. The website was built adaptively using WordPress.

Following the website’s launch, we conducted a comprehensive paid media & SEO Audit to identify scope for further growths. From there, we got the fundamentals right – correctly optimised meta data, and optimised content for key pages and articles. We created a content plan which included topic ideation based on our keyword research and built high quality backlinks to assist lift the domain’s authority.

We also built a comprehensive digital media strategy focused around search & social ads to drive website bookings, utilising our creative team to produce eye-catching creative. Most importantly, our Performance Media team worked synergistically with our SEO team to ensure their Google Ads and data from them were informing our SEO strategy – ensuring high-converting keywords were prioritised in SEO, and vice versa.


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