Manettas Seafood

Manettas Seafood

Using digital to drive expansion and record sales


increase in monthly visitors


increase in online revenue


increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)


Manettas Seafood’s key objective is to increase online purchases from both new and existing customers. As such, the challenge lies in both attracting new customers and in increasing the lifetime value of each customer.


We started working within just Facebook Ads, driving awareness and sales through an effective prospecting strategy paired up with sophisticated retargeting. From there, we successfully scaled the account to drive profitable results across SEO, Google Ads, programmatic and social.

By building a successfully integrated campaign, we have been able to map out a customer journey spanning multiple touchpoints, all focused on increasing the likelihood of a conversion. We identified Google as a high intent channel, focusing on a complementary SEO/SEM campaign to attract customers, and used the data from this to build effective audiences across Facebook and programmatic to drive further top of funnel activity.

We rely on social and Google Ads to nurture users further down the funnel, as well as increasing repeat purchases from existing customer depending on order history and product preferences.

The account has scaled significantly, with the business expanding to Queensland and Victoria in 2021, relying on digital to drive awareness and sales in those new markets.


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