Engaging home owners and driving sales of the Netgear Orbi


The Netgear Orbi delivers fast, reliable WiFi throughout the home. Easy to set up and use, Netgear were looking to engage their demographic through digital channels to push awareness and sales of the product. Previously, collateral had been more informational in nature, and focused on real circumstances where the device should be used. We saw an opportunity to engage the demographic in a more light-hearted way.


Enter the tin foil man. We created the quintessential internet streamer. Watching funny cat videos on his phone, tin foil man is frustrated by his slow internet speeds on his old router, so takes the old “windsurfer” tin foil trick to new levels to get his WiFi signal booming through his house. A staggering 23% of those targeted watched the entire video, through placements across YouTube & social. The target demographic was engaged in a meaningful yet humorous way, driving strong brand awareness and sales results. Check out the video below.


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