Localising a global brand


The Challenge

We are WD’s digital agency in Australia, running campaigns across both social and broader digital channels. The challenge was to engage a variety of audiences such as entrepreneurs, gamers, creatives, travelers and families, while maintaining a strong engagement rate and low CPM. With such a large variety of products across audiences with vastly different interests, a strong paid media strategy was critical in order for us to gain strong results.

The Solution

Our research allowed us to develop customer segments, serving them with relevant content. This content had to be engaging for each audience, while also maintaining campaign KPIs such as click throughs, purchases and data acquisition. By splitting the audiences up and creating specific content, we were able to keep frequency incredibly low (< 2) while maintaining a low CPM. Engagement rate alone increased by over 800% in just 6 months.

More broadly, we engaged a variety of publishers and influencers across digital channels to promote certain products specific to that demographic at that particular time. With data at the core of our strategy, we were able to engage the correct demographic at the perfect time, exceeding KPIs consistently for WD.

Once our audience had become engaged with our content, we build an in-depth influencer strategy to reach our target market with messaging and promotions specific to that market. Working considerably with retailers and partner device manufacturers, we are able to provide consumers with a valuable proposition from a trusted, known brand in the industry.


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Facebook Ads Management

Content Production

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