Nick Scali

20% attributable paid media sales

54% increase in conversion rate

Paid Media


Nick Scali has traditionally been a brand known for their brick and mortar stores located across Australia and growing the brand in New Zealand over the last few years. As a household name, Nick Scali is one known to most when it comes to meeting their furniture needs.

Google Ads

Facebook Ads

Video Ads

UX/UI Design

The Challenge.

As a consultancy we were faced with the propositon that Nick Scali would be launching a new website where people could buy furniture – completely from the comfort of their own home.

How do we change the mindset that furniture is a commodity purchased in person after sitting on it in a retail setting, to trusting a brand enough to invest money in something without physically engaging with the product?

The Solution.

Our solution focused on meeting user needs that came from our extensive research. In particular, users expressed that big ticket eCommerce items are generally bought in-store, but there was appetite for lower value items with shorter lead times. From this, ‘Quick Ship’ was born – a category of products made to order and available via their eCommerce store exclusively.

Our experience and interface design was then launched via a tactical and ongoing paid media campaign. This focused on Quick Ship items, and an integrated digital media campaign across Google Shopping, Google Ads, programmatic and social. Consolidation of goals was key to our success, and analysing user behaviour all the way through to purchase, even if that purchase was conducted over the phone/in-store.

By attributing a value to each conversion type, we were able to report on a consolidated, accurate ROAS across all paid activity.

The Result.

Paid search drove 20% of online sales in the month following e-commerce launch, and contributed heavily to online-attributed sales completed over the phone and in-store. In terms of revenue, Nick Scali is on track to hit annual targets for e-commerce sales and grow the channel over the coming years.

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