9 Times Big Brands Used Social Media Community Management (and why you should too)

28 June, 2022
Brandon Lever
3min read


  • Mcdonalds Australia Instagram
  • SanDisk Twitter
  • Commbank LinkedIn
  • Google Twitter
  • GoPro Twitter 
  • Domino’s Australia Facebook 
  • Boost Juice Instagram
  • UberEats Facebook 
  • Specsavers Facebook
  • Why you should hire a community management agency 

While social media management has become part and parcel of the modern digital marketing strategy, what’s just as important is having that interactive follow-through in the form of social media community management. Where the former predominantly focuses on creating and publishing content across social platforms, the latter focuses on engaging with audiences on these platforms – participating in online conversation, replying to questions and posts, asking for feedback and even offering guidance and support when customer dissatisfaction arises. Here we take a look at 10 instances where big name brands put their community management team to work. 

Mcdonalds Australia Instagram

Something as simple as a lighthearted reply to a customer comment can go a long way in demonstrating that a brand cares about its audience and values what they have to say. 

SanDisk Twitter

When one user on Twitter posted: 

“I can’t believe my Switch will actually be invincible Thank you @SanDisk, you shall be spared from my powerup”

All the SanDisk community management team had to do was re-tweet the post to offer a gentle acknowledgement that the brand genuinely appreciates when its customers have a favourable experience with its products. 

Commbank LinkedIn

When the major Australian bank took to LinkedIn to poll small business owners on “what’s the biggest challenge that’s keeping you up at night” – Cash flow, Tapping into available support, Growing my online presence, or Cyber security – this provided the brand a great opportunity to communicate with this segment of their audience.

Google Twitter

As much as social media can be used as a platform for brand praise, it can just as easily be used to make engaged users feel heard and validated. This is where community management really shines – allowing the audience to form a valuable part of the product development journey. Google shows us how it’s done in following up to the recommendation of an astute user on Twitter.

GoPro Twitter 

At other times, social media can give voice to genuine user discontent. The GoPro Twitter community management team was quick to respond with solutions to this customer after they experienced less than optimal product performance. 

Domino’s Australia Facebook 

The there are instances where brands can simply strike up an online conversation out of the blue to engage their digital community. Just like when Domino’s Australia posted on its Facebook wall: 

“Hi all,, kevin from finance here to answer questions for the next hour cheer”

It’s casual, conversational and once again shows how a brand can demonstrate its audience that it cares about them. 

Boost Juice Instagram

As one of Australia’s most popular juice bars, this company has certainly built a reputation as a young, vibrant and fun-loving brand. So it comes as no surprise that their community management team took to Instagram to issue a little challenge to its audience: 


Needless to say, the comment section quickly turned into a sea of emojis as users delighted in trying their hand at the playful challenge.

UberEats Facebook 

No better example of how simple yet effective community management can be than with this little Facebook exchange between UberEats and one of its audience member’s. Showcasing the brand’s funny side can do wonders for relatability. 

Specsavers Facebook

When the trusted optometry brand issued the “iconic glasses wearers” challenge to their audience on Facebook to find out peoples’ favourite glasses-wearing icon, it was none other than the social media community management team at G Squared who responded on brand’s behalf:

Why you should hire a community management agency 

Clearly there are a whole range of benefits to be reaped from having a community management team working behind the scenes. So why not give your brand a competitive edge by working with an experienced team of social media community management specialists in Sydney? Our community team offers bespoke solutions and round the clock monitoring over your social media platforms. Whether you need to mitigate risk, cultivate engagement or provide customer service, we always make it a point to work closely with our clients to understand your particular goals and challenges.

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