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Our approach is centred around creating bespoke digital experiences to solve complex business challenges while ensuring the solution utilises a composable technical stack to meet current and future needs.

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A consultative approach to meet business needs

We believe in a consultative approach to web design and development which is tailored to the unique requirements of each business.

Our consultative approach is underpinned by data and insights to leverage innovative digital solutions which effectively address and overcome business challenges. Our focus on addressing these challenges allows us to design and build a web solution that achieves real business results.

Central to our philosophy is the need for a digital experience to be dynamic, continuously evolving to meet changing user needs and business conditions.


Balancing user needs and business requirements

A core tenet of our approach involves striking a delicate balance between user needs and business requirements. We ensure your users are engaged through comprehensive consultations, where we gain valuable insights including user objectives and pain points. This iterative process begins with an initial contextual inquiry and extends into obtaining early user feedback throughout the website design and development journey.

We then ensure these needs are considered in the larger context of the business challenge, designing a solution and experience to ensure these challenges are overcome – for both the business and its users.


Expertise across both PHP and .NET frameworks

Having specialised PHP and .NET engineering teams allows us to build in a variety of platforms, including Sitecore, Optimizely, Drupal/Aquia, Contentful, Shopify, and WordPress. Each platform is a unique part of our artillery, allowing for tailored solutions aligned with the specific needs of our clients.

Additionally, we emphasise the formulation of composable technical stacks, allowing for the integration of correlated technologies such as Customer Data Platforms (CDP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms. This approach enhances the website development process and aligns cohesively with broader technical ecosystems – ultimately ensuring a comprehensive and future-proof digital solution for our clients.

Our approach / web process

Data informs our solution.

Based on data from your existing website and our experience, we develop a website strategy that is centred around user and business needs. These needs then inform a custom technical stack across both PHP and .NET platforms including Sitecore, Contentful, Shopify, WordPress, Drupal and Headless CMS.

Phase 01.

Requirements gathering and discovery

Phase 02.

Research and insights

Phase 03.

Experience and interface design

Phase 04.

Technical solution and integrations build

Phase 05.

Testing, tracking and deployment

Core capabilities

Web Strategy & Consulting

We offer specialised consulting services to assist you irrespective of which stage of the journey you are at - from requirements gathering, to stakeholder workshops, to user testing and technical audits.

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We work across a variety of the leading technologies in market. This includes Drupal, Sitecore, Shopify, Adobe Experience Manager and Contentful.

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Both the technology and experience design standards in eCommerce has shifted. We have remained at the forefront, including championing headless commerce.

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UX/UI design

Our experience and interface design team uses data to drive the strategy. We balance business requirements and user needs to ensure your digital experience achieves the desired outcomes.

Our solutions

UX/CRO Audit

Our UX/CRO audit process is designed with an emphasis on uncovering the right data points. We aim to pinpoint and ease user challenges, making every interaction with your website seamless and rewarding. This is a partnership where our insights merge with your business vision, leading to improved conversions.

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Platform/CMS Discovery Workshop

Our platform and content management system (CMS) discovery workshop is designed to provide a comprehensive analysis of your website infrastructure. Our aim is to align your CMS with both your current needs and future growth, ensuring it's not just a tool, but a catalyst for your business success.

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User Studies and Focus Groups

Understanding and meeting user needs is central to creating successful digital experiences. Our approach to understanding your target audience combines various techniques, from contextual enquiry to user validation, ensuring every decision is grounded in real user insights.

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Technical platform discovery

Our digital technical stack audit is designed to thoroughly evaluate and enhance your technology ecosystem. We focus on identifying how different technologies interconnect within your current stack and how we can reduce inefficiencies and allow for scale.

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Digital strategy workshop

Led by our experienced strategy team, this workshop is designed to enhance your digital presence and identify the roles each channel plays in the customer journey.

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GTM and GA4 Setup

Google Tag Manager (GTM) and Google Analytics 4 (GA4) are both powerful tools designed to streamline your website’s data tracking and analysis. Our expertise ensures that these tools are integrated seamlessly into your digital strategy, providing you with in-depth insights and control over your online presence.

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Our process, underpinned by technology​.


Quantitative analysis

Through our proprietary AI technology, Gamma, we analyse big data sets in real time​.

Qualitative approach​

We work collaboratively with clients on an ongoing basis to extract insights relevant to their business challenges​.

Gamma is the dedicated innovation lab of G Squared, comprising of a select team of consultants and engineers who collaborate with clients to craft purpose-built AI tools.

Frequently asked questions

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Why is digital marketing important for my business?

A digital marketing strategy is a crucial element for any business to succeed in the current digital era. This will help you to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and drive conversions. With the right digital marketing strategy, led by the right digital marketing company, businesses can target their ideal audience, engage with them through various channels, and build lasting relationships. By creating relevant content, leveraging SEO, paid media, and social media platforms, you can stay ahead of your competition and grow your online presence. G Squared can help businesses create effective digital marketing strategies that drive results.

What digital marketing services does G Squared offer?

G Squared is a full-service digital marketing agency that specialises in various digital marketing services. These services include:


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most effective ways to improve the visibility of a website. G Squared has a team of SEO experts who can help businesses increase their online visibility and drive more organic traffic to their website. We achieve this through on-page optimisation, link building, keyword research, and technical SEO.

Paid Media

Paid media is an effective way to reach the target audience quickly. G Squared has a team of digital marketing specialists who are skilled in creating and executing effective paid media campaigns across a range of paid digital marketing channels. This includes Google Ads, social media advertising, and display advertising.

Web Design & Development

A website is the backbone of any digital marketing campaign. G Squared provides website design and development services that are optimised for both search engines and user experience. The websites are mobile-friendly, fast, and responsive, ensuring a seamless user experience.

How much does digital marketing cost?

When it comes to digital marketing, the cost will depend on a variety of factors that are unique to each business or brand. Some of these factors include the size and scope of the project, the goals and objectives of the campaign, the platforms and channels being utilised, the target audience, and the level of expertise required.

What makes G Squared different from other digital marketing agencies?

G Squared stands apart as one of the best digital marketing firms due to our consultative, data-driven, and integrated approach.

Our consultative approach means that we work closely with businesses to understand their goals, challenges, and target audience. This ensures that digital marketing strategies are tailored to meet the unique needs of each brand.

Our data-driven practice means that we are constantly leveraging data and analytics to make informed decisions and optimise campaigns for maximum ROI.

As a leading digital marketing consultancy, we pride ourselves on utilising a fully integrated approach to digital marketing, combining CRO, SEO, and paid media for optimal results. This ensures that digital marketing campaigns are comprehensive and achieve the desired outcomes. With G Squared, businesses can expect to work with digital marketing consultants who are passionate about driving real business results through best of breed digital marketing strategies.

Our real business results in Web.


Integrated digital strategy driving business growth

65% increase in organic conversions

30% increase in orders

13% decrease in bounce rate

Paid Media



Redefining TAHE NSW's web solution

14% bounce rate reduction

22% improved engagement rate

11% increased time on page


Sealy Australia

Simplifying the Sealy Posturepedic online experience

85% mattress selector completions

22% improved exit rate

5% increased time on page


Mitsubishi Electric

Transforming the Mitsubishi Electric online experience

32% increase in organic conversions

45% increase in calls

34% increase in conversion rate



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