10 Advantages of Using WordPress When Developing a Website

12 February, 2020
Rio Prawira
7min read


  • 1. It’s FREE
  • 2. WordPress is Easy to Use
  • 3. It Has Thousands of Pre-installed Themes and Plugins
  • 4. It’s Very Flexible
  • 5. It’s Regularly Updated
  • 6. It’s Built for SEO
  • 7. The Websites on WP are Scalable
  • 8. Ready for Social Media Integration
  • 9. Its Simply Efficient
  • 10. Awesome Community, Open Source and Quick Sharing
  • Conclusion

Developing a best-in-class website is critical for success in your industry. There are a plethora of platforms available when designing and developing a new website – and among them is the very versatile WordPress.

Building a website may have been a challenge in the past but through the emergence of open-source platforms like WordPress, Content Management Systems (CMS) have evolved from being dreaded programs to become one of most important online management tools in the digital landscape. The creation, modification, and management of digital content for online use are now as easy and stress-free as they can be.

WordPress (WP) has enjoyed unprecedented popularity since its arrival more than 17 years ago. It started as a blogging platform with simple designs then evolved itself that it can now handle non-blogging. It is even used for e-commerce purposes. Having said that, this CMS platform has had its ups and downs with its users through the years. Nevertheless, undeniably, there are a lot of advantages that WordPress can bring, especially if you’re planning to have a business website of your own.

Here are 10 Advantages of using WordPress in web design and content development.

1. It’s FREE

For starters, you don’t have to buy or pay for a license fee if you want to use WordPress. It has a GPLv2 which particularly states that everything you can see on the platform is for public use and doesn’t require any form of payment—except for third-party programs.

All you have to do is get on their website, download the installers, and you’re ready to go. Just be prepared for spending some time choosing the best web design templates you’ll be using for your business website. The choices are endless.

2. WordPress is Easy to Use

You won’t need an HTML, CSS, or PHP expert to help you in building your site. Website coding has been eliminated—thanks to amazing WordPress technology. By default, there are already a lot of options readily available on the WP dashboard. Its developers made sure that everything is intuitive and simple.

Be warned that it isn’t—just yet— a point-and-click activity. Things can still get overwhelming in terms of creating a unique website design and choosing the right features that would benefit your business. If the dashboards and tutorials are still confusing, you may still need a professional web designer, after all.

3. It Has Thousands of Pre-installed Themes and Plugins

Get ready for this. The WordPress platform has over 22,000 themes and plugins to choose from. Among others, these programs can be changed, managed, or modified depending on your preferences and individual tastes. How’s that for variety and customisation?

What makes this feature great is the ability to provide to the needs of the users. The WP engine is so powerful that it is capable of giving its users the full freedom to pick a base theme for their web design. They then can then do some tweaking and create combinations of endless possibilities. You’ll basically be playing on your own sandbox.

4. It’s Very Flexible

A website built on WP engine will give you a distinct advantage over your competitors. Here, plugins and features are ready for you to use. You’ll save a lot of time and other resources, you can manage your website practically from any desktop, and you’ll be able to maintain your focus on your business and whatnot.

The engine’s flexibility will enable the creation of a seamless UI and UX website. It can also be a perfect fit if you’re looking for a unique, highly-customisable website for your brand and target audience. Web design has never been this easy.

Take a look at your digital marketing strategy checklist. We’re pretty sure that there’s something on WordPress that you can use to achieve each of your goals and objectives.

5. It’s Regularly Updated

Even among us developers, we find it fascinating to watch WordPress evolve through the years. The platform continuously evolves with the times and its users’ needs. Constant updates are done on a weekly basis—either to maximise or minimise its features—to ensure that your website will be running at an optimised performance level.

Considering the fact that the modern WordPress websites that are made on this very day are running on the same engine in which those extinct websites of the early 2000s were–is just astounding. This just shows how dynamic the platform is and how far it has accomplished through the years.

6. It’s Built for SEO

“A beautiful website means nothing if there’s no one to see it.”

With WP, there’s no need for you to worry when it comes to your website’s visibility. Search engines love WordPress. The content on WP websites are easy to index, they’re easy to read for the crawler programs, and they’re surprisingly easy to manage.

Moreover, there are SEO plugins, like Yoast that are extremely useful if you want your website to rank higher and make content organisation a breeze for you. If you’re a goal and result-oriented type of manager, there’s no need to convince you to take advantage of this feature, correct?

7. The Websites on WP are Scalable

WordPress is a robust engine that can scale with your business as the latter grows. It means that the old WordPress design of yours can still be of use and would never be outdated. You can perform some updates, add some innovative features, and enjoy watching your website expand without any compromise.

Speaking of features, the demand for the modern website to be mobile-friendly is now absolute. Adjustments have to be made to have your website fully functional and responsive on whatever device your audience will be using. There are a lot of new programs that are created for WordPress that can be utilised to keep your WordPress website fully updated with the latest web design and features.

8. Ready for Social Media Integration

We live in a world where worthy content is being shared across all corners of the world. Brands and business-related stories are now shared through social media. It’s through the eyes, ears, and mouth of actual people in which businesses thrive. With WordPress, you won’t get left behind.

The WP engine was one of the first platforms to practise the exchange of information with other platforms. This is now widely practised through the use of Application Programming Interface (API). The concept of API can simply be explained as the interaction of multiple programs with each other.

In regards to the premise mentioned, the major social media networks and other third-party platforms that we are on today have APIs. This gives a business website an advantage. Content from your website can be smoothly shared on social media for the world to see–with just a few clicks.

On the other hand, you can also build an empire by listening to the clutter of the outside world and formulate your own business strategy based on the data coming from the different APIs around you.

9. Its Simply Efficient

We can list another dozen advantages of using WP for your business website’s web design, innovations, other unique features, and how good it really is. We understand the pain of running a business. That’s why it isn’t overemphasising if we say that WP is the answer to your web design and development needs.

By using the WP engine, you can save a lot of your valuable resources. It’s possible to build a complete and fully functional website in one day. There are a lot of other platforms available out there. We’ve tried them. Some are even among our go-to platforms for certain situations. But nothing still compares to the speed and efficiency of working on WordPress.

10. Awesome Community, Open Source and Quick Sharing

Keep in mind that the developers within WP are not totally responsible for the platform’s success per se. The WordPress community composed of website owners, designers, and developers are the true pillars of the platform’s success. The community is so active that whenever you encounter any problems while using WP, just ask on any of the forums and you’ll get the solutions in no time.

Of course, we wouldn’t dare to forget commending WordPress and its in-house developers. They allowed the WordPress software to be “Open Source” which means it can be studied, used, and shared by everyone. It’s just like sharing your mom’s recipe to the rest of the world. This enabled faster evolution, the introduction of new features, and quick troubleshooting of problems.

WordPress wouldn’t be as user-friendly as it is now without the help of the personalities mentioned above.


WordPress is truly a very useful platform both for web design and content management. It has become a staple among website users and owners alike. WP has made its stamp in the digital world and we’re inclined to embrace the fact. The advantages are there. They’re just waiting for you to harness them. How you want to use these advantages is up to you. The ball is in your hands.

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