How Your Brand can Advertise on Facebook

24 October, 2022
Brandon Lever
3min read


  • Facebook Ad Types 
  • Why your brand should use Facebook ads

There’s no denying that social media has become a cornerstone of the modern digital marketing strategy. It’s never been easier for companies to reach their target audience through paid social media advertising – boosting brand awareness, engagement and conversions in the process. As one of the world’s largest social media platforms, Facebook continues to be an obvious choice for brands looking to invest in social media advertising. But what does advertising with these networks look like exactly? In this article we have a look at all the ad types available on Facebook and Instagram, and explain why this kind of digital marketing is a wise move for brands looking to drive business results.  

Facebook Ad Types 

Image Ads 

You’ve likely seen these when scrolling through your feed. This type of advertising will present a photo (usually depicting the brand’s product) along with up to 90 characters of ad copy and a 25-character headline. Often, a call-to-action link will be embedded as well – Shop NowLearn MoreDownload, Get Quote and Book Now are common CTA buttons. Brands typically use different CTA types depending on the purpose of their ad and where in the purchase cycle they perceive their audiences to be. CTA buttons also offer a great opportunity to test and learn.

Slideshow Ads 

As the name suggests, this ad type works by displaying one static image after another in a steady succession. It offers brands the appeal of moving images without having to dedicate resources to producing formal video content.

Video Ads 

Another common occurrence during most day-to-day Facebook sessions are video ads. Brands have the option of putting out a range of video types – from short, looping clips, to movie-trailer-length videos to feature length 241-minute promotional videos. Though 15 seconds is the often recommended length – not too long, not too short.

Carousel Ads

A kind of hybrid, Carousel Ads allow brands to insert up to 10 images or videos where the user can easily swipe across the different media. The beauty of this is that even though there is a mix of media in one ad, each photo and video may possess its own link. This method is particularly good for showcasing product collections, explaining the stages of a process or breaking down a product’s best features.

Collection Ads 

Collection Ads act as a convenient snapshot of a brand’s product or travel catalogue. Below a main video or photo will be four smaller product images allowing the user to click and view product details without exiting the platform. 

Catalogue Ads 

Much the same as carousel ads, but with the added bonus of showing the price alongside product images-only. With each image possessing a handy CTA button. 

Stories Ads

Though Stories Ads are only available as an add-on to primary news feed ads, they are still a great way of offering a quick, digestible snapshot of a brand’s product or service – using the Facebook Stories App to deliver a short video (up to 15 seconds) or a still photo (up to 6 seconds), and lasting for 24 hours.

Why your brand should use Facebook ads

With more than 2.45 billion active monthly users across numerous demographics, the range of relevant targeting capabilities, and the opportunity to increase reach, web traffic, engagement, and ultimately conversions – advertising on Facebook is a tactical marketing decision for any brand. This is where we come in. As an award-winning Sydney digital marketing agency with a dedicated team of social media advertising specialists, G Squared is committed to driving real business results for your brand. Our consultative approach means that we work closely with our clients to identify opportunities to reach your most valuable customers across paid social, video, content, programmatic and more.

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