It’s Time to Make the Switch to GA4

23 January, 2023
Maybelle Casiple
3min read


  • Why Should You Use Google Analytics 4?
  • Why You Should Use GA4 Right Now

Are you using GA4 on your website? If not, you’re missing out on some great features! GA4 is the new version of Google’s analytics software, offering many improvements over universal Analytics. In this article, we will discuss some of the critical differences between GA4 and UA and show you how to make the switch.


Why Should You Use Google Analytics 4?

The new Google Analytics is precisely that: new and improved. Google Analytics is intended for use with apps and websites, and Google Analytics 4 is the solution if you want actionable insights into who is viewing your content.

Here are some more reasons to consider making the switch:


Google Analytics 4 Is the Future of Google Analytics

Google Analytics 4 is ready for Google to introduce new analysis technology without the need for additional code. GA4 is fully functional and will be the default property when creating a new Google Analytics property as of October 16, 2020. Google will gradually add more standard features.

Google Analytics A4 Is Forward Facing Only

GA4 will eventually become the industry standard for analytics. However, as with all Google Analytics properties, the new GA4 property will only collect data from when it is created and will not import previous data from UA properties. So, if you want to have more data at your disposal, we recommend that you implement GA4 right away.

Google Analytics4 Gives Unparalleled Insights

GA4 introduced a new Google reporting section and new tools for performing more advanced analysis and access to complete user journeys. The game-changing integration of the new analytics tool with BigQuery (a cloud data warehouse) enables:

  • free and nearly unlimited data storage, 

  • no limits on the volume of data you can send, 

  • unsampled data, and 

  • even more thorough customer journey analysis.

More Upgraded Features Are Coming

As we progress, you will be able to transfer more features from your UA property to your GA4 property. GA4 properties do not currently support filtering (at least not in the same way filters do in UA), but this may change.

You’ll Have Greater Flexibility

Users can and are encouraged to create custom reports for the data they require in Google Analytics 4. This reduces the number of irrelevant, pre-made reports significantly. As a result, your dashboard will be less cluttered. You can find the essential data for your business faster, allowing you to make more informed decisions and increasing the effectiveness of your website and app.

Adapted to the Future Privacy Landscape

Another advantage of GA4 is that it includes more intelligent privacy and security features intended for a (not-too-distant) future with stricter privacy standards that may or may not include cookies or identifiers. GA4 has more flexible and granular privacy controls, such as cookieless web traffic, analytics measurement, and behavioral and conversion modeling, to fill the gaps where data may be incomplete. It also won’t store IP addresses.

With new GA4 features that ensure easier compliance with stricter data privacy laws and regulations while preserving key measurement functionality, the likely stricter user privacy and first-party data-oriented future with third-party cookies gone will be easier to navigate.


Why You Should Use GA4 Right Now

GA4 is here to stay, putting GA3 Universal Analytics to rest with its multi-platform functionality and user-centric measurement properties. If you’re wondering, “Do I need GA4?” The answer is a resounding yes.”

GA4 will be the default and only option as of July 1, 2023, as standard Universal Analytics properties, the previous GA version, will no longer process data or be supported. After July 1, 2023, you’ll be able to view your Universal Analytics reports for at least six months; however, new data will only flow into Google Analytics 4 properties.

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