What is a Mobile-First Web Design & Why Your Business Needs It

23 January, 2019
Rio Prawira
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  • What Is Mobile-First Web Design?
  • Benefits of Mobile-First Web Design
  • Conclusion

In our present-day world, consumers from all walks of life are heavily mobile-oriented. We use our mobile devices to browse, make purchases and communicate.

In the same way, businesses must adapt and provide a seamless mobile user experience to its customers, or else they will simply go elsewhere and opt for a better online experience. It’s a given that if you have a business website, adopting a mobile-first strategy is mandatory.

In this article, we will provide a rundown of what a mobile-first web design is, its benefits and explain exactly why you should be adopting it.

What Is Mobile-First Web Design?

Mobile-first web design is a method in which your website will be designed to specifically cater to mobile devices.

The goal is to provide users with the most seamless browsing experience specifically through their mobile devices. In creating a website or app, mobile-first designers begin with sketching and prototyping from the smallest screens working its way up to the larger screens. It means that it upgrades your screens from a smartphone level to a laptop and desktop versions.

Basically, this web design strategy is about giving your user the right experience in every device. But, one of the most important and fundamental aspects of this mobile-first design is focused on content. In which you can choose only what is important for your consumers instead of having many different versions of your website.

Benefits of Mobile-First Web Design

Mobile Users Are Greater Than Desktop Users

When you take a look around you will notice that most people are glued on their mobile devices. Even before we fully open our eyes in the morning, the first thing we reach out for is our smartphone. This is a huge reason why mobile traffic has now surpassed desktop traffic across all major industries.

Your business should be treating the mobile version of your website as a priority, no longer should it be an option.

Availability 24/7

According to a study, an average individual checks their mobile devices 85 times a day and spends five hours browsing their smartphones. It is crucial that your website is easily accessible via a mobile device so business details such as trading hours and contact information can be easily seen.

In any type of business, it is highly recommended to keep in touch with your customers aside from the fact that it drives customer engagement. As we have already mentioned, people are mobile and it is important to have constant communication with them even on the move and being on desktop websites doesn’t really help.

Mobile phone users want a more personal, fast and smooth experience and this is why mobile-first strategy is a must to your business.

Google Prefers Mobile-First

If you’re aspiring to be on top of Google, then, go for mobile-first. Google encourages web developers to utilise mobile-first for a better mobile experience.

The search engine giant has gone as far as introducing Mobile-Indexing first, whereby they will crawl the mobile version of the website first – before desktop. This means that Google will rank and assess your website based on how your mobile-version is structured, not your desktop version.


With the world adopting technology faster than ever before, it’s imperative that all businesses prioritise the performance of their mobile web design.

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