Retention Marketing: 5 Ways to Improve Customer Retention for eCommerce

11 July, 2020
Rio Prawira
2min read


  • Run promos and discounts
  • Create a Loyalty Program
  • Show gratitude through follow-ups
  • Improve customer service through live chat
  • Advocate a certain cause

Nowadays, everything can be found on the internet. You can find almost everything you want online. The rise of eCommerce products and services has led to different consumer behaviours across all ages.

As such, there are certain ways of being successful in encouraging brand loyalty and customer retention. There is not one single way that fits all industries and demographics, but there are certain eCommerce strategies that have been proven to have customers coming back and making recurring orders.

Run promos and discounts

One of the best ways to retain your customers is to constantly have a promo or discount for your products or services. It may be as simple as having a 10% off on your items monthly, or having a discount with more recurring purchases, it entices your customers to keep coming back. Price is an important aspect of your business, and anyway that slashes the price makes your business sellable. Your customer will feel that it’s a good deal for less money out. 

Create a Loyalty Program

Another way to improve customer retention is to have loyalty programs. Loyalty programs make the shopping experience more personal and engaging. If you ever run a business and include a loyalty program with the corresponding benefits and rewards, it gives off a more personal atmosphere for your buyers. 

Show gratitude through follow-ups

Another very simple way of getting your customers to come back is by showing gratitude and appreciation every time. For example, you can schedule thank you follow up emails to show your appreciation, or perhaps scheduling a phone call follow up to see how their shopping experience was.

Sometimes it’s just not about the price. Conveying your appreciation shows that your business has a more honest and heartfelt appreciation for the people who support it. Gratitude and appreciation show good manners. These simple gestures towards your customers remind them that no matter how little the purchase is, their purchase matters!

Improve customer service through live chat

One of the foundations of a good business is good customer service. The improvement of customer service or customer support should mean more vast product knowledge or expertise and faster response times. This can all be effectively conveyed through a dedicated live chat feature on the website.

The problem with eCommerce is that since it’s not in-person, a response is sometimes not direct, real-time and urgent. Having a person to talk to means that your business cares about your customer no matter how small the enquiries are.

Advocate a certain cause

Who doesn’t like a business who also exists to support something more than the business itself? Nowadays, causes and advocacies play an important role in making a business stand out. This kind of strategy also hits two birds with one stone: increasing repeat buyers and providing support for a worthy cause. Afterall, everyone loves to support a great cause.

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