Turning Meh Content Into Premium Brand Content

9 December, 2022
Mark Raymundo
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  • What is branded content?
  • Ways to creating premium branded content

People love a great story. No matter our disposition, we gravitate toward narratives that move us. This is why anyone with good storytelling skills has the power to capture audiences, inspire crowds and win over sceptics.

In business and marketing, good storytelling can spell the difference between a brand that flops and one that garners a loyal following. As the internet is bombarded with intrusive ads and copies, you want to stand out by creating content laced with stories that resonate with your target audience. 

We’re talking about branded content.

Let this article be your guide to crafting the best branded content, so you can capture your target audience and form deep connections with them. Keep these things in mind whether you’re looking to create new content or improve existing ones. 

What is branded content?

Branded content is a type of content that aims to capture your audience’s attention while highlighting your story, message and values—basically everything you stand for as a brand. Unlike traditional forms of advertising, it isn’t focused on making a sale. 

The goal of branded content is to elicit an emotional response and build trust with your audience. It may come in the form of blog posts, social media videos and podcasts, among others.

Quick tip for content improvement:

One way to turn meh content into premium brand content is to create a video out of it. Just be sure not to force your product or service into the story.

Ways to creating premium branded content

Spotlight on the user

Imagine a romantic date where the guy can’t seem to stop talking about himself. It’s the same vibe users get when they read an article that keeps mentioning a brand to the point of being spammy. Remember, your content shouldn’t be all about your brand or your products and services. 

The world is full of good content ideas and the users’ story is certainly one. It’s good practice to start your content with it and present the ways your brand can pique their interest, solve their problems and stir their emotions.

Real people, real stories

Talk about appealing to emotions, the best branded content often includes stories from people your audience can identify with. Instead of talking about your brand, find people who will do it for you (i.e., user testimonials). These people don’t have to be popular. They can be regular consumers who face the same problems your target audience faces. Note that according to a study, 82% of people trust the voice of fellow consumers more than the brand itself.

Element of surprise

Surprises, plot twists, unexpected turns—these things elicit suspense, laughter and other emotions that keep your audience interested. These are also the elements that keep us glued to our favourite TV series, and they can work well for brand content. Here’s a user story that utilises the element of surprise:

Let’s say you sell insurance products and you want to create a video in time for Grandparents’ Day. Your lead character is a secondary school girl who keeps forgetting her lunch box but ends up finding extra money in her pocket, so she’s never really hungry. It turns out her grandpa secretly puts the money every time, knowing his grandkid is forgetful.

In the video, the grandfather always has the kid’s back, much like your insurance products always have your policyholders’ back. Here, the flashback created the element of surprise.

Powerful storytelling wins!

In the end, good storytelling is what leaves a lasting impression on your audience. Make sure your content has a clear structure and purpose and perfectly communicates your brand’s core values.

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