40+ Web Design Statistics of 2020

6 September, 2020
Rio Prawira
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  • Vital Facts About Web Design
  • Design-Based Statistics
  • UX Website Design Statistics
  • Web Design Industry Stats & Facts
  • First Impressions Statistics
  • Mobile Web Design Statistics
  • Conclusion

With the volatile tides of the internet, it’s almost a no-brainer that the facts and stats may change from one year to the next.

That said, you don’t want to be left behind with outdated and irrelevant data for your website. Thankfully our team at G Squared keeps an up-to-date and essential list of website statistics to streamline your web design in 2020.

Along those lines, here are 50 of the latest website stats and facts for 2020. We will break down all essential data related to:

  • Web design

  • User experience

  • Responsive design

  • Page load speed

  • Content

Combining all those figures should give you insights into crafting a unique website.

Vital Facts About Web Design

Web design is still the be-all-end-all of any marketing strategy. More often than not, it can make or break all of your efforts if your general web design performs poorly. These web design statistics should help get your website in perfect shape.

  1. Website visitors can form an opinion on a website as quick as 0.05 seconds.

  2. 85% of web users that are adults say that a website’s mobile version should be as good as the desktop version.

  3. 38% of people will abandon a website with sloppy and unattractive design.

  4. Globally, 4.54 billion people are currently using the internet.

  5. 60.1% of the total websites use the English language.

  6. 64% of online shoppers look for a website’s contact information first.

  7. As of September 2020, there are 1.80 billion live websites.

  8. Every minute, there are approximately 380 new websites created.

  9. The average online user spends roughly 2 minutes and 17 seconds on a website.

  10. Almost 50% of online shoppers use the navigation menu when browsing.

Design-Based Statistics

We’ll get to UX design in a minute. But first, here are design-based stats and facts to ramp up every corner of your website. Because using the appropriate and relevant design is essential for every brand, we rounded helpful figures to help you out.

  1. 94% of negative impressions on a website links to its design.

  2. Poor web design is a strong weakness for 77% of web design clients.

  3. More than half of all users say that web design is a huge factor for a brand’s credibility.

  4. After investing in responsive design, 62% of companies increased their sales.

  5. 94% of previous website visitors won’t return if the web design has degraded.

  6. 48% of online users get frustrated with a web design that isn’t responsive and mobile-friendly.

  7. 47% of people expect a website to load under 2 seconds completely.

  8. 22% of online merchants claim they are leading on responsive web design

  9. 36% of shoppers navigate to the homepage by clicking the website’s logo.

UX Website Design Statistics

Where your website takes its visitors is crucial for generating traffic and sales for your brand. That said, ease of navigation, responsiveness, and the overall user experience can make or break your marketing strategy. Here are some figures to help you gear up for UX.

  1. It takes roughly 2.6 seconds for a visitor to like or dislike a website from its landing page.

  2. 84% of shoppers read customer reviews to scale the website’s reliability.

  3. 90% of mobile users will continue shopping at a site with excellent user experience.

  4. In a tight competition, 89% of users will turn to a competitor after experiencing a poor UX.

  5. You can boost conversion rates up to 74% by improving load speed to 2 seconds.

  6. Winning the lottery is 31.25 times more probable than clicking a banner ad.

  7. Only 55% of online brands implement and test their UX.

  8. Along with that, 45% of websites don’t see the significance of UX testing

  9. 74% of online users frequently return to a mobile-friendly website.

  10. 70% of users will know about a new brand or company through a blog.

  11. Investing in UX can potentially have a 100% ROI.

Web Design Industry Stats & Facts

The rapid growth of the web design industry opened doors for small to large-scale web design enterprises. With that, here are the latest stats and facts relevant to the web design and development industry.

  1. 64% of web designers favour the creative process than the rest of the design process

  2. 31% of professional web designers claim to consume 11-20 hours to develop a website.

  3. On the other hand, 18% of web designers can create a website for under 10 hours.

First Impressions Statistics

Your visitors and users have their first impressions immediately as your page fully loads (or even as it’s loading). To strengthen your users’ first impressions on your site, hese facts and figures should come in handy.

  1. 94% of most website first impressions are design-related.

  2. People who only spend less than 15 minutes online would want to browse appealing websites than plain ones.

  3. The slower a website loads, the higher their bounce rate becomes.

  4. 52% of online users are looking for company business information on their website.

  5. 70% of small business websites don’t have calls-to-action buttons in their site.

Mobile Web Design Statistics

If it doesn’t work on mobile, then it doesn’t work at all. Similarly, Google’s mobile-first indexing heavily emphasises on developing a responsive and mobile-friendly website to rank on their SERPs. Along those lines, here are vital mobile web design statistics to back you up.

  1. People spend roughly 5 hours using their smartphone every day.

  2. 40% of users won’t interact nor visit websites that aren’t mobile-friendly.

  3. Mobile marketing is now part of marketing strategies for 60% of companies.

  4. 50% of the global eCommerce revenue comes from mobile.

  5. 52.2% of the total internet traffic is from mobile devices.

  6. 91% of small businesses are non-optimised for the mobile experience.

  7. By 2023, the population of mobile devices will reach 16.8 billion globally.

  8. 63% of the global web marketing revenue came from mobile advertisements.

  9. 16% of internet users use mobile devices to browse online.


There are lots to look out for web design in 2020 based on timely and relevant statistics. Furthermore, the above facts and figures should help you anticipate trends and prepare a data-driven web design campaign in line with your digital marketing efforts.

To sum it up, G Squared recommends you lay down your website objectives first, then use our data to develop a groundbreaking digital marketing campaign.

Achieving long term website objectives is possible through comprehensive data and a best-in-class eCommerce website. At G Squared, our digital experts utilise results-focused and data-driven web solutions to suit all your eCommerce needs.

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