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Contentful is a headless content management tool that allows businesses to create content easily and manage it within a single hub. With an API-first approach, the platform allows businesses to publish their content quickly to any digital channel, including new websites and desktop and mobile apps. 

Create once and distribute everywhere—that’s the power of Contentful.

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Contentful enables you to create customised experiences for your audience. With Contentful's robust personalisation engine, you can easily segment your audience, create personalised content and deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.


With Contentful, you can access powerful analytics features such as real-time analytics, visitor tracking and CRO. These tools provide valuable insights into how your audience interacts with your website, allowing you to make informed decisions and improve user experience.

Content Management

Contentful CMS is intuitive and user-friendly, providing teams with a straightforward approach to managing and updating their websites. Contentful's version control feature allows teams to maintain multiple content versions and effortlessly revert to previous ones as required.

Marketing Automation

With Contentful's marketing automation capabilities, you can streamline your marketing processes, personalise interactions with your customers and automate campaigns. Contentful's user-friendly interface simplifies the process of targeting and engaging your audience.


Contentful seamlessly integrates with various technologies, such as eCommerce platforms, marketing automation tools and CRM. This provides you with the flexibility to connect your existing systems and create a cohesive customer experience across multiple channels.


Contentful has a scalable architecture that enables you to expand and grow your digital presence in line with your business's development. Contentful can readily adapt to meet your needs and assist you in achieving your objectives.

We will help you to get your content up and running quickly

At G Squared, we understand that content is at the core of digital experiences. We offer Contentful as a managed service, so that you can structure your content effectively and scale it across all channels. This way, your customers are experiencing the freshest version of your website every time and across all digital touchpoints. Contentful seamlessly integrates with your tech stack, and essentially, into your workflow, so that our developers can focus on writing code and your marketers can focus on crafting content. In simple terms, it can integrate with any technology you’re utilising in your marketing activity currently, and quite seamlessly with those that have open APIs (e.g. Salesforce, NetSuite, Hubspot, Adobe).

Work with Contentful experts

By hiring G Squared, you’ll work closely with a next-level team of web developers in Sydney and Brisbane to meet your specific website requirements. We keep you involved every step of the way, making sure everything is communicated clearly en route to realising your brand’s vision. We take pride in having this consultative approach, which we believe is the key to capturing the essence of your brand and ultimately creating a website that drives five-star customer experiences.

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Early in your journey? Leverage our experience with our consulting services.

We offer the following consulting services: 

Research & Insights

Data deep-dive, heatmap and user journey observations, competitor benchmarking, project opportunities and web strategy.

Stakeholder workshops

Interactive workshops with key stakeholders to determine key user personas, profile them, and map their journey. In addition, allows us to identify key requirements and priorities, together with ensuring each business unit is consulted for the project.

User studies and interviews

We lead consultative work with segments of your target audience to better understand their motivations, barriers and pain points. We can also conduct observational work where we test new features, content architecture or conversion flows directly with them.

Technical platform discovery

Reviewing suitable platforms and technologies to help power website and meet business needs. Liaising directly with vendors on your behalf, and summarising benefits/limitations and costs of each for your review, together with our recommendations.

Feasibility studies

Analysing and providing recommendations on the viability of a particular product, project or opportunity.

Website audit

Analysing existing website, user flows and technical stack; reviewing data and providing recommendations for result uplift.

Our process, underpinned by technology​.


Quantitative analysis

We’re a Sydney marketing agency with a point of difference. Introducing Gamma, our proprietary AI technology, which allows us to analyse big data sets in real time​.

Qualitative approach​

We work collaboratively with clients on an ongoing basis to extract insights relevant to their business challenges​.

Gamma is the dedicated innovation lab of G Squared, comprising of a select team of consultants and engineers who collaborate with clients to craft purpose-built AI tools.

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