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By aligning our SEO tactics with your unique local needs, we can tailor a solution to ensure your business is prominently positioned in regional search results. This allows you to tap directly into your local target audience to drive targeted traffic that gets real business results.

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Optimising business profiles for enhanced local relevance

Local SEO optimisation is a strategic approach to amplify your business's online visibility in a specific geographical area, connecting local businesses with their target audiences. A key element of local SEO is the optimisation of business profiles. Our team carefully ensures that your Google Business and other online profiles are fully optimised with accurate and consistent business information, including NAP (Name, Address, Phone) details. This not only builds trust with search engines and potential customers, but also strengthens your local digital footprint. Accurate business profiles are the cornerstone of local SEO, forming the first impression for customers searching for your services or products in the local area.

Enhancing local presence through content and link building

Our approach to local SEO includes a focus on both local content creation and link building. We craft high-quality, locally-focused content such as blog posts, articles, and landing pages, tailoring them to your specific geographical area. This content establishes your business as a local authority and attracts relevant, high-value traffic.

As well as original content creation and existing content optimisation, we also employ effective local link building strategies to secure quality backlinks from local sources. These efforts collectively strengthen your online authority and amplify your local SEO, ensuring your business stands out in local search results and resonates with your community.

Elevating your local online presence with advanced SEO tactics

To maximise your visibility in local search results, our team implements advanced SEO techniques like schema markup and mobile optimisation. Schema markup provides search engines with detailed information about your business, such as location and reviews, enhancing your visibility in local searches. With mobile searches being a significant source of local queries, we ensure your website is optimised for mobile-friendliness, providing a seamless experience for smartphone users. This can also help to boost your SEO, as search engines prioritise smartphone-responsive websites over websites that cater only to desktops.

Our process, underpinned by technology​.


Quantitative analysis

We’re a Sydney marketing agency with a point of difference. Introducing Gamma, our proprietary AI technology, which allows us to analyse big data sets in real time​.

Qualitative approach​

We work collaboratively with clients on an ongoing basis to extract insights relevant to their business challenges​.

Gamma is the dedicated innovation lab of G Squared, comprising of a select team of consultants and engineers who collaborate with clients to craft purpose-built AI tools.

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