Platform and CMS Discovery Workshop

Our platform and content management system (CMS) discovery workshop is designed to provide a comprehensive analysis of your website infrastructure. Our aim is to align your CMS with both your current needs and future growth, ensuring it's not just a tool, but a catalyst for your business success.

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Evaluating your current CMS performance

The workshop begins with a critical assessment of your existing CMS. We examine how well it supports your business operations, its scalability, user-friendliness, and technical robustness. Understanding the context around your current CMS's performance is crucial in identifying areas that require enhancement or complete transformation to meet your evolving business needs.

Exploring and assessing shortlisted CMS vendors and platforms

After thoroughly evaluating your business needs and operational requirements, our focus shifts to introducing you to a curated list of CMS vendors and platforms. This part of our workshop is designed to provide you with a clear, comprehensive understanding of each option available to you. In this part of the workshop, we cover the following aspects:

  • Customisability and flexibility Customisation is important for the user experience, but also includes the platform's capability to integrate specific functionalities, plugins, and modules that align with your unique business processes. This ensures that the CMS can evolve alongside your business.

  • Support and reliability We assess the level of support and reliability offered by each CMS vendor. A supportive vendor can significantly reduce the risk of operational disruptions and enhance the overall efficiency of managing your digital presence.

  • Cost-effectiveness We discuss not only the upfront costs associated with each CMS but also consider long-term expenses such as maintenance, updates, and scalability.

  • Technological advancements We provide insights into how each CMS is keeping up with technological trends like mobile responsiveness, search engine optimisation capabilities, and integration with emerging technologies.

  • Security features A secure CMS protects not just your data but also builds trust with your users. We evaluate the security measures each CMS has in place, including data encryption, compliance , and the ability to withstand cyber threats.

CMS recommendations backed by solid rationale

At the conclusion of this in-depth workshop, we’ll present you with a detailed CMS recommendation report. This report presents our expert recommendations, backed by thorough rationale based on our discussions and your specific business needs. It serves as a guide to assist you in making a well-informed decision, ensuring that your chosen CMS is the best fit for your business today and in the future.

Our process, underpinned by technology​.


Quantitative analysis

We’re a Sydney marketing agency with a point of difference. Introducing Gamma, our proprietary AI technology, which allows us to analyse big data sets in real time​.

Qualitative approach​

We work collaboratively with clients on an ongoing basis to extract insights relevant to their business challenges​.

Gamma is the dedicated innovation lab of G Squared, comprising of a select team of consultants and engineers who collaborate with clients to craft purpose-built AI tools.

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