Umbraco Website Development

Umbraco is the world’s leading open source .NET based Content Management System (CMS), known for its exceptional flexibility and usability, used by more than 730,000 websites globally. Umbraco, as a CMS, provides a host of phenomenal features that give your business the opportunity to create a wholly unique digital experience that aligns seamlessly with your brand strategy. 

We design and develop Umbraco around your requirements

At G Squared, we’re a website development and design agency who are strong proponents of utilising Umbraco web development as an effective digital solution for Australian businesses. We believe that the digital success of your business can be enhanced by the capability to leverage an intuitive, hyper-responsive and cost-effective platform that can flexibly meet your needs and goals.

No matter what your Umbraco website requirements are, we will formulate a solution to suit. Our team of Umbraco web developers and designers have extensive experience working across a variety of CMS platforms, having completed numerous projects for Australian businesses of all sizes.

Working with you step by step

As a web design agency in Brisbane and Sydney we are strong proponents of utilising Umbraco. Our Umbraco web developers will work closely with your brand to gain a comprehensive understanding of your unique functionality, integration, scalability and website security requirements.

We make it a point to proactively involve you throughout the design and development process, ensuring that you have a voice so your project vision can be realised. It’s this consultative approach that allows us to truly capture the essence of your brand and create a winning web design that can nurture engagement and conversions for your business.

Umbraco Extensions

Need a specific in-browser feature or function for your website? Thanks to the open source community of Umbraco certified developers and Umbraco Gold Partners, our team has access to over 300 free extensions and plug-ins that can help take your brand site to the next level.

From SEO to membership plug-ins, we work with you to scope an innovative web design that aligns with your brand personality while fostering seamless user experiences – enhancing user engagement with every click. Brief us on your new Umbraco website project today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Umbraco is an open-source .NET CMS that is used to design and build websites and intranets for businesses of all sizes and industries. With over 730,000 installs to its name, Umbraco is reputed for its excellent flexibility, intuitive editing experience, extensibility and constant security improvements courtesy of Umbraco HQ.
As a flexible CMS, Umbraco allows developers to create unique websites, intranets and eCommerce platforms which can be accessed across all devices and browsers.
Umbraco users are diverse. Hundreds of thousands of local and international businesses spanning a variety of industries, from financial institutions to the public sector and non-profit organisations, have already adopted the Umbraco content management system as a digital solution.
The true virtue of Umbraco lies in its user-friendly architecture, giving our developers the freedom to design and develop your brand website or apps exactly as you envision. Along with access to over 300 extensions, Umbraco allows for effortless integration with eCommerce, personalisation engines, CRM and your native legacy business systems.
Yes. Umbraco’s intuitive platform makes multi-site management, 3rd party integration, and cross-platform management a breeze for website owners.
While Umbraco does share some similarities with WordPress with things like multi-site compatibility, extendibility, media libraries and built-in APIs, there are some notable differences. Unlike WordPress which lends itself to universal usability, Umbraco requires developer expertise to understand and leverage the platform to facilitate exceptional customer journeys. Moreover, Umbraco excels with its scalability, built-in search engine, scheduling, version control and rollback functionalities, among other quality features.
The team at Umbraco HQ go to great lengths to ensure that the core of the CMS platform, Umbraco Cloud, Forms and other Umbraco software products are as secure as possible. Though the true measure of Umbraco CMS security will always depend on the developer using the platform. At G Squared, our Umbraco web development team keeps your site’s security up to date with the latest available plug-ins and security patches.
Yes. Umbraco offers a wealth of SEO-friendly features spanning website performance, on-page and technical SEO considerations. From page speed optimisation to crawlability to URL customisations, Umbraco gives you the tools to bolster your website traffic.
Yes. Umbraco websites offer a responsive design across all major devices including mobile, desktop and tablet for a universally seamless display and functionality.
That depends. Every digital project is built to custom project requirements which can play a significant role in impacting page loading speed. Our Umbraco web development Sydney team will consult on your project’s requirements to see that optimal page loading speeds are achieved.
We have an intensive UX process, only after conducting extensive research, and consulting with you on your business objectives and user journeys do our Umbraco developers commence with a low fidelity design. This ensures that we formulate a solution that centres around your audience segments, using data to drive online sales.
The full Umbraco web design and development process can take anywhere between 3-12 months to finish depending on the scale of the website. The additional integration of any 3rd party application can also add to the duration of development.
Yes, Umbraco faciliates key features allowing for strong SEO optimisation, and is readily scalable. Our teams of web developers and SEO specialists will work together to ensure that your new website build allows you all of the capabilities you need for optimal SEO performance.
The cost of building an Umbraco website is contingent on the size of the website, design features, functionality requirements and integration requirements. We suggest getting in touch with us and briefing us on your Umbraco project’s requirements.
Yes. We stand by all our Umbraco website development and design work. All our Umbraco projects come with a 12 month warranty which covers any code or design fixes.
Yes. When you enter into a retainer agreement with us, you are entitled to regular Umbraco website backups, as well as maintenance and support.