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WordPress is a leading Content Management System (CMS) chosen by many leading Australian brands as their website platform of choice. WordPress, as a CMS offers a wide range of features that will allow your business to stretch its imagination and develop incredibly powerful functionalities that you never thought were possible.


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At G Squared, we’re a web design Sydney agency who are huge advocates around designing and developing new websites on WordPress. We believe that Australian businesses should be able to leverage a modern, robust and higlhy cost-effective platform that works to suit their needs.

No matter what your WordPress website requirements are, we will have a solution to suit. Our team of WordPress web designers and web developers have extensive experience working with businesses of all sizes.

Our team will work with you to properly discuss and scope your unique functionality requirements, integration requirements, scalability and website security. We ensure that you are well-informed and have a voice in-between all web design and development stages.


eCommerce for WordPress,
meet WooCommerce.


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WooCommerce acts as a native WordPress plugin and has seen explosive growth since it’s inception. We specialise in helping Australian retailers leverage powerful eCommerce functionalities offered through the WordPress WooCommerce platform.

Does your upcoming web project have complex eCommerce website requirements? We can help.

We work with your team to scope an innovative web design that properly aligns with your brand, along with developing seamless user experiences – promoting positive user engagement with every click. Brief us on your next WordPress eCommerce project today.

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WordPress Frequently Asked

Is WordPress a good choice for our brand?

Many of the largest brands in the world have adopted the WordPress CMS. Regardless of what your project requirements are, we are confident that our WordPress web developers will be able to provide a bespoke solution to suit your needs.

How much does a WordPress website cost to build?

The cost of building a WordPress website is heavily dependant on the size of the website, design features, functionality requirements and integration requirements. We recommend getting in touch with us and briefing us on your project’s requirements.


Is WordPress SEO-friendly?

Yes. WordPress is widely known as one of the most SEO-friendly platforms available in the market. WordPress offers a whole magnitute of different yet highly powerful SEO plugins to further enhance its search capabilities.


Is WordPress a scalable CMS solution for SEO?

Yes. Many leading brands and even Fortune 500 companies are built on WordPress and attract tens of thousands of SEO visitors to their website daily. Ensuring that your website’s design is well-structured and optimised for SEO will be key to how well you’re able to scale.


Do you offer WordPress websites that come mobile-responsive?

Yes. All our WordPress websites are designed and developed to be mobile-responsive – compatiable across all major devices including desktop, mobile and tablet.


How long does it take to build a WordPress website?

The full WordPress web design and web development process can take anywhere from 3-12 months depending on the scale of the website. Additionally, the integration of 3rd party applications may also add to the website build time.


Is WordPress a good CMS choice for fast loading speed?

It depends. Every enterprise website is built to custom project requirements which would play a significant role in impacting page loading speed. Our WordPress development team will consult on your project’s requirements and ensure that optimal page loading speeds are achieved through thorough web optimisation.



What’s involved in the design of a WordPress website build?

We have an extensive UX process, starting with research, focus groups and workshops, before commencing low fidelity design. This ensures we design a solution centred around your audience segments and use data to drive online sales.

Do you offer a WordPress website warranty?

Yes. We stand by all our WordPress web design and web development work. All our WordPress websites come with a 12 month warranty for any design and code fixes.

Do you provide regular WordPress website backups?

WordPress offers a range of powerful security plugins that have been time-tested to sure that your brand’s website is protected. While there is a huge range of security plugins available in the market, as an WordPress development agency, we strongly believe in the capabilities of iThemes Security.

What web hosting solution do you recommend for WordPress?

For best WordPress performance, we recommend WP Engine. WP Engine offers a complete enterprise WordPress hosting solution designed with your website’s performance in mind.

Our WordPress tips.

Website Speed Optimisation: 7 Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

As a WordPress development agency, we design and develop our client’s WordPress websites with page loading speed top of mind. Google recommends that websites load no longer than 2 seconds, otherwise you signifcantly risk users bouncing off.

Here are our top 7 tips to get the most of your WordPress’ page loading speed.

1. Choose a reliable web host

The key to a fast website starts with a reliable web host provider. As your site grows, you’ll need sufficient online storage to house all your website’s files. As your website receives more users and consumes more bandwidth, you’ll be tasked with potentially upgrading your web hosting server to cater to the additonal bandwidth demand. Selecting a local web hosting provider is key to scaling success.

2. Invest in a good CDN provider

Another aspect you’ll need to consider in setting up your website is your geographical demographic of your website. If you’re focusing on a target audience near the area of your server, then the loading times of your WordPress website will definitely be faster.

However, say you wanted to expand your services to target a different city or country? You’d now need to consider whether your site files are being served promptly to where your new target audience are situated.

This is where a CDN comes into play. A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a geographically distributed server. A CDN can help reduce the geographical distance from your server to your target area, making your website faster. Most CDN providers will have servers scattered all across the globe, allowing for optimal delivery of your web files.

3. Update your website constantly

Much like a house, your WordPress website will require consistent updates and maintenance. You will need to constantly update it to make sure that your WordPress’ version and plugins are up to date. This prevents potential common WordPress exploits from occuring, protects you from potential hacks or allows various functionalities across your website to perform as it should.

By keeping your WordPress website up-to-date, you’re essentially providing it the best chances of loading as fast as possible.

4. Install a WordPress caching plugin

There are many ways to ensure that WordPress website loads blistering fast. A reliable caching plugin lies at the heart of fast WordPress websites. Cache plugins offer an effective way to speeden up your website without any significant investment. Cache plugins make a copy of your site so that every time someone types in your web address, the copied version is served. This allows for faster delivery of your pages without having to pull every single page component upon every load.

For much bigger sites, having a closer copy of your content can drastically save on your page loading speed.

We recommend testing the following and seeing what best works for your website: WP Fastest Cache, WP Rocket or WP Super Cache.

5. Limit the image sizes in your website

Images, if uncompressed can signifcantly add to extremely high WordPress page loading times. It’s important consider what images are absolute necessary and which images can be removed or compressed to further reduce their file sizes. We recommend using TinyPNG to compress your WordPress images and significantly reduce your page’s sizes to improve page loading speed.

6. Install only necessary plugins to your site

WordPress plugins can be very helpful in adding extra functionalities to your site. However, in some cases, plugins can also be a double-edged sword. Many WordPress plugins will serve their functions and purpose, but they may also contribute largely to how fast your website loads.

The rule of thumb is that if you don’t absolutely require the plugin, then it’s best to deactivate it or remove it altogether. Additiionally, ensuring that all your plugins are compatiable with one another and frequently updated is key to a top-performing WordPress website.

7. Clean your site database regularly

A database cleanup means more free space. Organise your database and regularly optimise your database of any unnecessary information that is not core to the operation of your site. More often than not, we see very large websites with a ton of WordPress post and page revisions that are stored in the database. This adds to the extra bloat and can be easily removed to improve page loading speed.

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