18 Reliable Websites with Free Stock Images

2 July, 2018
George Pappas
5min read


In the resilient digital age, blogs and other forms of media without images can be dull – especially modern web designs. And what is worse than having no images is using ones that come with a price tag!

The good news is that there are countless sites that offer free and downloadable stock images that you can easily use just by clicking the download button. To make it even easier, we’ve compiled them in this article so you’re able to access all the best websites with free stock images.

These sites are either free of royalty or under creative commons. However, you should still go and check a certain image’s license just to ensure you’re not violating any copyright grounds.

Scroll down to get to the list of websites with free stock images!

#1 Pexels


It’s simple and straightforward.

This site provides an evidently noticeable search bar.

New and trending images are also included on the homepage.


The image inventory is somehow limited.

Why go for it: Pexels is filled with professional, high-quality, and attractive images under a site that’s simple to navigate.

#2 Unsplash


It’s a striking website with gorgeous images coming at your every visit.


Images aren’t tagged so searching can be a little bit of work.

Why go for it: All of the images are free and look like they’re straight out of a catalogue. If you dislike bland stock images, you’ll love Unsplash.

3. Negative Space


Right at the top of the page, Negative Space assures you that all of their images are CCO licensed and free to use for commercial and personal purposes!

Why go for it: It’s a vibrant, stylish, free image site with impressive tagging for easy search!

4. Picjumbo


As its name, Picjumbo is a gigantic site of free images—you can even see some of them right on the homepage.


Site layout can be overwhelming.

Why go for it: If you have time, registration is worth it. Once you’re registered, you can use their Test Drive feature where you can learn if an image is really ideal to your need.

#5. Life of Pix


Established by LEEROY creative agency, Life of Pix is a site that offers a wide range of free-to-use images.


Site can be a bit cluttered and inventory of images can be limited.

Why go for it: Images are breath-taking and easy to download!

#6. Freepik


When you need vectors and icons, Freepik is the one for the job.

It has a vast collection of free graphics, as well as stock images.


Images are free but need to be attributed to the author.

Why go for it: You’ll never run out of choices with millions of graphics available!

#7. Kaboompics


The minimal layout is what makes Kaboompics a cut above the rest.

At least 1,000+ free images can be yours!

You can get freebies!


At first glance, it doesn’t seem like a free stock image site.

Images come with a limited set of sizes.

Why go for it: Neatly tagged and categorised images. There are other features like articles which will make you stay on the site.

#8. Gratisography


Divided into 6 easy to browse categories.

It’s uncomplicated to comb through the site.

You’ll always find free and high-quality images that will suit your preference.


Tags are non-existent.

Why go for it: All images in this site are captured by concept artist Ryan McGuire, so expect style consistency through the photo.

#9. Visualhunt


Right from the homepage, you’ll be greeted by its creative flavour—a clear indicator that it’s a site that will satisfy your stock image needs!

There are around 384 million images that are free to download!


Some site features can be too unconventional for casual users.

Images need attribution.

Why go for it: An overwhelmingly large collection of free images that are all appropriately categorised and tagged.

#10. Pixabay


The site offers free images and even videos that are ready for download.

It has a pretty large compendium to choose from!


Some of the images are of low quality and are generic-looking.

Why go for it: Pixabay is no frills. It’s an easy-to-use site with free images, videos, vectors, and more. Nothing more, nothing less.

#11. Libreshot


A hub for diverse free images mostly centred in a European setting.

All free and no attributions required.

Why go for it: You can have the images in different resolutions that you want and there are information right at the webpage about license and authorship that will clear doubt of downloading images.

#12. Moveast


Ran by João Pacheco, a Portuguese traveller and photographer, Moveast is a site with images from the owner himself.

All are free and tagged accordingly.


No search bars and a little demanding to navigate.

Why go for it: There are photosets on this site that are exclusive on a particular place. They’re definitely non-generic and downright artistic.

#13. Magdeleine


It’s a proper image site with stocks that look like they were meticulously chosen.

You can choose from categories or search through tags and colour.


There’s only one size for the images.

Themes are mostly about nature, food, and lifestyle.

Why go for it: If you need images that are atmospheric, Magdeleine has a wide compilation just for you!

#14. Stocksnap.io


Stocksnap is a standard image site that adds a multitude of high-quality and stunning images daily.

All free with no attribution needed.

Why go for it: You don’t need to sign up to use Stocksnap and get access to its numerous images that cover diverse topics such as business, nature, food, places, and more. You can also see the view count of a certain image to help your decision.

#15. Little Visuals


Little Visuals is a modest and lightweight site with beautiful images that particularly features the countryside.

You can also sign up to receive seven high-resolution images on your e-mail.

Why go for it: Nic, the creator of the site, recently passed away. If you feel like giving back for the photos he provided, you can attribute it or you can donate on the site’s affiliated charity, Hand on Heart.

#16. Jay Mantri


Photographer and graphic designer Jay Mantri offers high-quality images that are beautifully edited and filtered.

It also has a very simple layout that minimalists would like.

Site is rarely updated and there are no tags or search bars to help you.

Why go for it: If you want sophisticated and artsy images, you’ll find plenty on the site.

#17. Death to Stock


There’s nothing deadly about Death to Stock. If anything, it’s a spirited website full of free images that they can deliver to you exclusively by signing up.


Since it looks a very reliable site, it might be disappointing that you’ll need to be a member and have to wait to get access to images.

Why go for it: It’s not a conventional search-and-download free stock image site but it provides excellent resources for businessmen, writers, and artists.

#18. New Old Stock


If you’re struggling to find vintage photos, New Old Stock exists to aid you.

It features old photos of significant places, events, and people that you can use, royalty free.

Why go for it: Aside from the photos it provides, New Old Stock delivers a fascinating look to the old times.

Images will give difference to all your published pieces. Just ensure that you use them smartly to maximise their purpose!

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