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We look to solve complex business challenges using digital solutions. We start by understanding your business from the eyes of your customers, then analyse the data before putting together a bespoke digital solution aimed at generating real business results.


Generating high quality corporate hospitality leads via a multi-faceted Facebook ads campaign.

We worked with the Sydney Swans team to generate corporate hospitality leads for the upcoming 2020 AFL Season. With the objective of selling corporate suites, events & experiences, we worked on getting the contact details of those most likely to purchase. Through a combination of custom, interest-based and lookalike audiences, we were able to generate 845 leads over 30 days.

This resulted in an immediate ROI of over 10:1; far outperforming any other digital prospecting channels. With lifetime value considered, the value provided to the Swans was priceless.

“We’ve worked with G Squared for a number of years now and they’ve always generated high quality leads for our sales team.”

Billy Mclean Digital Marketing Manager Sydney Swans

Google Ads.

We are a Google Partner, meaning our staff are fully trained in Google Ads, having achieved outstanding results in the platform for a number of our clients. We’ve run successful campaigns across Google Search, Google Shopping, YouTube, and Google Display Network, and have consistently optimised these campaigns towards real business results for your brand, rather than focusing on clicks orimpressions.

Most significantly, we have built out full funnel acquisition campaigns, both within Google’s platforms exclusively, or by using Google as the main conversion point. By doing so, here are some of the results we’ve been able to achieve for our clients:

  • 48% increase in conversion rate, just by targeting the right type of user
  • Cost per lead of less than $20 across a generic (i.e. not branded) search campaign, for a high value product.
  • Successful Google Display Network campaign increasing brand awareness significantly and driving much more relevant traffic, increasing pages per session by over 30%.

Find out how Google Ads can help grow your brand today.

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Facebook/Instagram Ads.

We are a Preferred Marketing Partner of Facebook, as well as being included in their Independent Agency Partner Program. This means our staff are all fully trained within Facebook ads, and able to set up complex, cross-funnel campaigns within the platform.

We have achieved some outstanding results utilising Facebook Ads also; some of these are listed below:

  • Consistent ROI for an e-commerce retailer of 25:1
  • Ongoing cost per lead for property sales of just $20
  • Complex, cross-channel campaign targeting the right audience, increasing conversions by 15%, decreasing bounce rate by 30%

Find out how Facebook Ads can improve the business results of your brand.

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Programmatic Display.

Sitting at the top of the funnel, programmatic display is one of the most critical elements of any digital campaign. With conversions rarely attributed directly to display, we analyse its impact by the quality of the traffic it drives to the site, and by the impact of this traffic on overall conversions.

With our in-house creative team, we are able to produce immersive display experiences, engaging users at the top of the funnel and nurturing them through to conversion.

The adjacent case study showcases the vast improvement we saw in implementing a programmatic display campaign. By filling the sales funnel with high quality visitors from the outset, we saw vast improvements further down funnel across the board.

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The effects of introducing programmatic on other digital channels

Why we're different.

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We ensure our agency understands your business from the eyes of your customers. Then, we’ll optimise your digital media campaign towards real business results.

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We generate powerful, transparent reports reflective of the
huge focus we put on data. Our reports allow you to look at
data holistically, or dive into the intricacies of each digital
media campaign.

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We create a “live strategy”, continually being added to and improved on based on what’s generating real results across your digital media campaigns.

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As a digital agency, our performance and creative teams are all
in-house, meaning we are analysing and improving results every day. In doing so, we’re able to refresh copy, creative and targeting within hours.

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