6 Surefire Benefits of Facebook Advertising

5 June, 2022
Mark Raymundo
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  • How effective is Facebook Advertising?

Let’s get things straight early on: Facebook Ads work. On average, Facebook ads convert at an impressive rate of 9-10%, and it’s mainly due to the fact that Facebook advertising allows you to reach the right groups of people, turning regular social media users into your customers.

How effective is Facebook Advertising?

There are roughly 2.93 billion monthly Facebook users around the world. In Australia, Facebook remains the most popular social media network and is fast becoming one of its most effective marketing platforms. If you own a business, you need a Facebook page. And if you have a Facebook page, you need a Facebook ad—that simple.

Benefits of Facebook Advertising


1. Create super-targeted ads

You’ve probably experienced it firsthand—casually scrolling down your newsfeed, and like magic, there appears an ad that seemed like it was created just for you.  Wonder how it works?  When people create a Facebook profile and engage with the platform in some way—commenting on posts, sharing videos, visiting pages, etc.—they’re practically giving Facebook valuable information about themselves. Facebook ‘remembers’ these info, which marketers can tap on when creating ads.

With Facebook Ads’ advanced targeting options, you can target your audience based on their age, interests, job title and geographic location, among others.

Now imagine you’re a user who follows the pages of various musicians and constantly engages with them. Don’t be surprised if one day you encounter a Facebook ad promoting an upcoming concert in your area—and that’s bullseye for the marketer

2. Extend your organic reach

Did you know that only a small percentage of your Facebook ‘fans’ get to see your posts? If you’re wondering why your recent post only got a few reactions even if you have a thousand fans, it doesn’t necessarily mean people are ignoring it. They probably didn’t see it in the first place!

The truth is that Facebook shows your posts only up to 6% of your total number of fans! That means if you have 1,000 fans, only 60 of them will see your posts in their newsfeed. To make sure more people see your posts, there’s Facebook Ads.

3. Save money

Facebook advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways to get leads and traffic. You invest a minimal fee and increase your spending only when there’s a clear indication that your campaign is getting results. That means if you spend $5 and get a lead, you can scale your budget as you please. Otherwise, well, you only risked $5.

In addition, you won’t really have to spend on creating an ad. You only need an image and the accompanying text (note that the ideal Facebook ad title has a maximum of four words). Now compare that to running a campaign via traditional means like newspaper or television. They’re a lot more expensive but don’t deliver the targeted approach that Facebook Ads offer.

4. Test the market

If you’re looking to test the waters for a particular campaign, Facebook Ads is the way to go. Let’s say you plan on developing mountain bike accessories. Naturally, you want to get the pulse of the market and see how your products are going to be received.

What you can do is create a few ads as a test and have them redirect to a landing page, wherein you provide articles and reports on mountain biking. Depending on the traction you get, you can decide on whether or not to push through with your idea.

5. Leverage retargeting options

With Facebook Ads, you can remarket to people who have previously engaged with your page or website. Let’s say you have an eCommerce site. You can retarget your ads to people who have added an item in their card but didn’t check out. With ads that attract Facebook users back to your site, you’re practically reminding them to complete their purchase.

6. Track and measure results

If you can’t track and measure results, you won’t know if a campaign is working or not. Fortunately, Facebook advertising offers robust analytics, allowing you to gain insight on which posts are performing well and which ones aren’t, with metrics like post engagement, likes, and weekly reach, among others. With such valuable data, you can adjust your ads as necessary. 

Have you ever tried Facebook Ads? Reach out to a reputable digital marketing company to get started today!

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