How to Create a Social Media Strategy for your eCommerce Brand

5 May, 2020
Rio Prawira
6min read


  • How Does Social Media Affect eCommerce Brands?
  • Why Use Social Media for eCommerce Brands?
  • What are the benefits of a social marketing strategy?
  • Guide to Social Media Strategy Creation
  • Conclusion

For years, eCommerce businesses have leveraged their brands on the social network as a way to connect and build trust among their target market. Despite the fact that eCommerce marketing techniques take time to perfect and even more time to implement. Not to mention the inevitable changes in the social network’s algorithms. That doesn’t mean you can’t seize the opportunity in driving traffic to your website.

The social network and eCommerce marketing are dynamic, so as your audience. To further expand your eCommerce presence, you need to innovate and create strategies in place to promote your brand image and increase your sales conversions through social media platforms.

How Does Social Media Affect eCommerce Brands?

Social media marketing can serve independently or function as a booster for content and other existing strategies you are engaging. Making your brand visible to the masses and growing your traffic, your eCommerce marketing strategies should adapt and evolve in a progressive community.

It is easier and conducive for eCommerce businesses to create and maintain an online presence through the social media platform. In fact, a consumer who experiences a positive interaction with your company is three times more likely to recommend your brand. 

If you are looking for a potent and powerful tool among all other existing marketing strategies, social media can reach volumes of people across the globe in different age groups. The social media platforms are all about connections, relationships and engagements. Adopting its marketing strategy to your eCommerce business works in two different ways:

  1. Fueling user engagement

  2. Driving qualified traffic or sales to your site

The concepts of user engagement and driving traffic to your website are closely related to achieving one’s goal. 

User engagement

Generally, user engagement associates with likes, comments, shares and general interaction on your posts. The ability to deliver excellent services is the first logical step towards great customer engagement. Highly engaged customers are relevant, provided that their activities engage in valuable outcomes such as signups, subscriptions or purchases.

Driving traffic

Driving traffic to your website is mainly the goal of user engagement. Making an effort to yield engagement and increase brand loyalty helps in the growth and expansion of the business. An increasing population of loyal customers implies better user engagement therefore an increase in qualified traffic to your site.

Why Use Social Media for eCommerce Brands?

As internet users are growing, it’s safe to say that the eCommerce industry is thriving and it’s clearly necessary to engage with the social media platforms. It presents an opportunity for companies to promote their eCommerce businesses, increasing brand awareness and ensuring social support to online customers. 

Online retailing has increasingly become a competitive industry and adapting social media marketing strategy to your eCommerce business is both valuable and a necessity.

SEO and PPC are two strategies that can improve your online visibility and reach a paramount of new customers. However, eCommerce social media marketing offers a lucrative yet effective way to grow brand awareness and drive traffic to your site.

What are the benefits of a social marketing strategy?

Engaging in a social media marketing strategy to market your eCommerce store attracts a plethora of benefits:

Global online reach

Nearly 5 billion people worldwide are socially active. Considering the average statistics of adults with internet access globally, almost every eCommerce businesses should benefit from marketing on social media platforms.

Targeted audience reach

Social media marketing is relatively similar to SEO and PPC campaigns. It also allows you to reach users while they’re actively searching for specific products or places on the internet.

Engage two-way conversations

Social media offers a much less formal way of communicating with potential customers which makes it easier for them to engage in conversations and learn more about your products.

Help your brand get shared

Given the nature of social media which is all about connections, relationships and engagements. Ideally, it is easier for your customers to share your brand. 

Guide to Social Media Strategy Creation

If you are looking to generate a satisfying return of your investment, dedicate your time and resources in marketing and advertising with the social media platforms. 

eCommerce social media is economical and free to create. Make the most value of the social media platform and it will significantly help your online retailing business reach new heights with these efficient strategies.

Choose your platform

There are plenty of social media platforms that most eCommerce businesses can utilise. Almost every social media platform is completely free. However, you have to focus only on the network that your audience uses over the most popular networks. You have to determine how each platform works and plan accordingly.


Facebook is a logical starting point for your eCommerce retailing presence. It is the most popular social network around the world with nearly 3 billion active users. Approximately, 2 billion Facebook users are active on a daily basis.

Facebook users spend an average of 40 minutes on the site daily, at least within that certain period you can find a few potential customers.


Instagram is a visual-centric platform built around sharing photos. With 1 billion active users worldwide, this is an ideal platform for an online retailer who wants to showcase or show-off their products.


Twitter is another platform where you can grow your eCommerce presence with an average of 330 million, active users. So if you’re looking to expand your advertising options and drive traffic to your site, Twitter is a reliable platform for your eCommerce presence.

Ensure brand consistency

It is important to create and stick to a schedule, it could be daily, weekly or fortnightly. Consistency is another simple, yet underrated social media strategy. You don’t have to post all the time, however, social media algorithms prefer those who publish content consistently. 

— Pay attention to every platform’s algorithm requirement on the frequency of publishing your content.

— Take note of the time if you are targeting an international audience from a different timezone.

— Create a schedule on how much time it takes for you to generate quality content.  

Develop a proactive content

Publishing and creating content is not enough. you need to engage so as your audience. Engagement with your customers is our main goal. It means that your content should allow your audience to want to comment on it and even want to share your content.

Sharing an interesting and meaningful comment on a handle with a massive following is also a positive way of getting great visibility. 

Video marketing

According to a study, active users spend time on looking at a 5-minute video on Facebook and Instagram.

One of the most valuable ways of making out of the best in social media is video marketing. Video content is one of the forerunners in boosting your engagements and brand awareness and this will continually evolve in 2020 and beyond.


For your brand to stand out in 2020 and beyond, it is necessary that you have a clear and innovative social media strategy that blends with technology, promotes human interaction and adapts savvy marketing techniques.

Developing and nurturing a long-term relationship with your customer is not as easy as clicking a like button. It takes a lot of time and careful planning to design an effective social and search network that will fuel your consumer’s demands and needs. 

As the saying goes, what may work for one company, may not work for another. So, you have to determine what strategies work best for your eCommerce business or what is favourable to your brand image. 

With the world adopting technology faster than ever before, it’s necessary that eCommerce businesses should give emphasis on their online presence through social media platforms and make the best value out of it.

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