How eCommerce Brands Can Redefine their Customer Experience Using Video

23 June, 2020
Rio Prawira
3min read


  • Digitally Conscious Consumer
  • The Growth of Digital Population
  • How to Capitalise Video and Enhance Your User Experience?
  • Increase Customer Loyalty Using Video Content
  • Conclusion

In an age where retailers can easily compete with other brands from every corner of the world, customer experience is every businesses’ priority. Why? Aside from driving profits, your goal is to provide positive experiences to keep your consumer loyal to your brand.

Technology has since paved the way for eCommerce, outweighed the cons, created a holistic and hassle-free experience to its consumer. Technology has the means to deliver your brands, products and even enable eCommerce businesses to work more efficiently.

Digitally Conscious Consumer

Technology has transformed the eCommerce industry and certainly affected how consumers shop and interact with brands. As eCommerce and technology evolved, consumers have come to realise the convenience of online purchases and become increasingly less tolerant of user experiences for as long as it’s conducive and accessible. 

Although some consumers prefer to purchase from physical stores, some buyers favour the benefits of online shopping. And forward-thinking retailers are using this situation into their advantage to drive profits, engage the audience and grow their brands globally.

The Growth of Digital Population

As online video consumption increases combined with our current global digital population, internet users don’t show any signs of slowing down in the next few years. Humans are visual and with video content, you’re increasing the possibility of driving profits, online presence and brand awareness.

Online video has become the king of content on all platforms. Social platforms and search engines considerably favour video content since most consumers prefer it over blogs and other text articles. 

Video content becomes a powerful medium and the easiest to consume in today’s digital age. In order to further grow and expand your eCommerce business, by including video content as one of your marketing strategies, it will significantly deliver an unmatched customer experience.

Only there’s one issue, a video marketing campaign can also be one of the hardest types of content to create. Video content is a powerful tool, yet, some eCommerce brands struggle to integrate and wield it into their marketing strategy.

However, our goal is to maximise your outreach potential. So, if you want your campaign to be successful, you have to overcome your doubts and step into the new digital world.

How to Capitalise Video and Enhance Your User Experience?

Since human beings find meaning to moving images and in order to boost both your brand and user experience, the following video content samples are the most common and popular videos you can produce. It’s also what your audience wanted to see.

  • Educational or explainer video on why your product exists

  • What makes your product valuable and how it’s made

  • Establish credibility through endorsements and testimonials

  • How to use your products and must-have

  • Maintain the credibility of your products through how-to and tutorial videos

  • Engage your audience through news and announcements

Adopting videos to your eCommerce content marketing strategy is more than just customer experience it’s actually more of a brand experience. 

Whether your eCommerce goal is to monetise, engage better user experience or produce regular content videos in order to drive sales, you must think of your video as more than just a marketing tool for your brand. By attracting your audience to your brand you can create a culture of customers who want to be part of it.

Increase Customer Loyalty Using Video Content

Aside from sharing your brand, you can also establish customer loyalty through your video content. Whether you’re sharing your mission or values, showcasing the launch of your product or discussing the perks of the loyalty program, there’s an opportunity to engage customers in a different way.

By using video content as one of your strategies, it will not only drive profits, maintain relevance and value but also better user experience. This streamlining technology is significantly applicable in various areas of the eCommerce industry and you must take advantage of this fast-growing method


With today’s fast-moving and always-connected society, eCommerce businesses must consider implementing technological transformation in order to keep up with the demand. 

Video content strategy has transformed the entire facet of the eCommerce business operation, allowed entrepreneurs to accelerate through digital strategies, enhanced customer acquisition and retention. It provided an avenue for eCommerce businesses to grow its sales, increase brand awareness and online presence.

Your eCommerce business has to make the initial move and continue to evolve in keeping the company moving forward into the digital era. 

At G Squared, we provide tailored and topnotch data services to boost your eCommerce business for better user experience. We can provide you with wide technology services and improve the overall customer experience. 

At G Squared, we provide digital media solutions to suit all your eCommerce business needs. Call us today at (02) 9339 4500.

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