Benefits of Spotify Advertising: Why You Need to Tap Into Audio Ads Now

29 May, 2022
Mark Raymundo
2min read


  • Reach a large, engaged audience
  • Free tier subscribers can’t skip ads
  • Subscribers listen for hours
  • Leverage targeting options
  • Less competition 

Marketers around the world are slowly realising the merits of adding audio advertisements to their digital marketing strategy. And what better platform to use than Spotify, the world’s largest music and audio streaming platform by number of subscribers.


In this article, we’ll discuss the major benefits of Spotify advertising and why you should be wondering why your brand isn’t on it.

Reach a large, engaged audience

As of Q1 of 2022, Spotify has more than 400 million active users around the world, and 182 million of them are premium subscribers. With the bigger chunk relying on free service, marketers have, indeed, all the reason to leverage Spotify advertising. That’s because ‘freemium’ subscribers are the ones who get to listen to the ads (more on this in the next section).


The number of non-paying subscribers alone should sound appealing to marketers. What’s even more amazing is the fact that with Spotify, you are dealing with highly engaged users. These listeners pick the music or podcast they want to consume; they’re not just putting anything on for some background as they clean the room or wash the dishes.


What does this mean for you? Well, engaged listeners means there’s a much bigger chance your ads are going to get noticed. Which brings us to the next section…

Free tier subscribers can’t skip ads

With Spotify, freemium subscribers need to listen to the ads. They can’t skip nor can they fast forward, so they’d have to listen if they want to continue with the rest of their playlist (unlike other apps where there’s a skip button). 


If they want their service ad-free, they’d have to upgrade to a premium subscription—let’s not forget that the vast majority of Spotify’s users are non-paying members. 

Subscribers listen for hours

Spotify subscribers take some time off their day to listen to music or podcasts. In fact, a report shows that the average listener spends 148 minutes on the app each day. That’s a lot of opportunities for exposure for your brand. What’s more, they can listen at home, in the office or in transit.


Thanks to Spotify’s multitasking capabilities, subscribers can listen to their favourite audio content uninterrupted. Unlike other media streaming apps, Spotify allows subscribers to use another app or browse through the web while listening to their favourite music. You don’t need to pause if you have to switch to another app.

Leverage targeting options

Spotify offers targeting capabilities, which allow you to get right in front of your target audience. With Spotify Ad Studio, you can narrow down your intended audience by factors like age, gender, location, interests and real-time contexts. This ensures your ads are being seen by a select group of people that are most likely to be interested in your business.

Less competition 

Compared to more popular media streaming platforms, there aren’t as many brands actively advertising on Spotify. Imagine a platform with some of the most engaged users, and your brand is there while many of your competitors aren’t. You have a clear opportunity to stand out and capture new markets.


If you’re on the fence on whether or not Spotify advertising is right for your brand, perhaps you can consult the experts at G Squared.

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