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Your business’ online digital presence significantly impacts your company's revenue, growth or goals. At G Squared, we understand the weight that an ecommerce website or educational hub can carry for an online business, which is exactly why we specialise in creating custom web design solutions.

Built to captivate your audience and drive measurable business results, the web designers at our digital agency are dedicated to delivering innovative ideas and superior customer satisfaction. Together, we can ensure that your current challenges are addressed and your audience grows. Stand out in the increasingly competitive internet market with our Melbourne web design company.

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Tailored Web Design Services for Melbourne Businesses

Centred on understanding your unique business needs, our approach to web design begins with comprehensive consultations. With each project, we aim to gather insights about your long-term and short-term goals, your target audiences and the landscape of your company’s industry and competition. This allows our web designers to curate a site that looks impressive, functions seamlessly and enhances the user experience to drive conversions for your online store or project properly.


Custom Web Design and Development

Catering to your specific business requirements, our team can create a new website or revamp existing ones. Equipped to handle all aspects of web development, the team at G Squared can work across multiple platforms and recommend solutions driven by industry data to find one that perfectly suits your needs.


Balancing Aesthetics and Functionality

Our web design projects focus on balancing visual appeal and user accessibility. We understand that an aesthetically pleasing website is crucial for attracting visitors, while optimisation and experience keep audiences engaged and drive conversions. Our responsive web design ensures that your site looks and performs optimally across all devices, providing a seamless experience for your users, whether on desktop, tablet, or mobile.

eCommerce Expertise

Our highly experienced team specialises in creating high-performing ecommerce websites, making our knowledge invaluable to businesses looking to expand their online presence. We build online stores that go beyond visual appeal. As one of many examples, we can integrate secure payment gateways for smooth checkout processes. 

We possess a range of options for you to choose from for your content management system (CMS), and our professional team excels in the adaptation and implementation of each of the following platforms:

Cross-Platform Solutions

Our team excels in both PHP and.NET frameworks, enabling us to create an effective Content Management System (CMS) for your business from one of multiple platforms:

  • Sitecore

  • Optimizely

  • Drupal

  • Contentful

  • Shopify

  • WordPress

To further streamline the process, our composable technical tracks integrate with customer data platforms (CDP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. 

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Solutions

In addition to web design and development, G Squared can provide comprehensive digital marketing services to help your business grow online. With search engine optimisation (SEO) and paid media services, our team can offer integrated options to organically and artificially ensure your new, professional website is easily discoverable. Likewise, we offer ongoing support to maintain and enhance your digital presence, helping you stay ahead of the competition now and in future.

Why Choose G Squared?

Comprised of experts in web design, development and all aspects of digital marketing, G Squared’s team is filled with a reservoir of experience. With a track record of successful projects, we’re well-equipped to handle all your digital marketing needs and address complex pain points.

We stay ahead of the competition by continuously incorporating our services' latest research and industry trends or technologies. Our innovative ideas ensure that your website is modern and effective in achieving your business goals.

Using our collaborative approach, we work closely with our clients to ensure that your vision is brought to life. Our commitment to your satisfaction is evident in every project we undertake.

Content Management Systems


Sitecore is a leading digital experience platform (DXP) that helps organisations create and manage personalised digital experiences across multiple channels and touchpoints. Sitecore has gained a reputation as a robust and flexible platform that provides numerous benefits to our clients.

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Magento is a comprehensive ecommerce solution that empowers businesses to grow through customised commerce experiences. It integrates various features to facilitate online retailing, support for managing multiple brands and storefronts, an extensive set of developer tools for customisation, and capabilities for scaling operations efficiently.

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Contentful is a headless CMS that provides a scalable and flexible platform for managing content. It allows organisations to create, manage, and publish content to any platform, device, or channel using APIs.

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Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform that allows businesses to set up and manage an online store. Shopify provides a simple and intuitive interface for managing products, orders, and customers, making it easy for businesses to get started with e-commerce.

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WordPress, particularly when used headlessly, can be a powerful marketing-enabled technology to utilise for your web project.

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Drupal is an open-source content management system that is widely used for building websites, applications, and digital experiences. It offers a flexible and scalable platform for managing content, with a variety of themes, modules, and extensions available to extend its functionality.

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Optimizely CMS offers a powerful headless platform for developing and managing websites that drive engagement, conversion, and growth. With its intuitive interface and robust features, Optimizely CMS empowers markers and developers to create and enhance digital experiences that resonate with their audiences.

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Our process, underpinned by technology​.


Quantitative analysis

We’re a Sydney marketing agency with a point of difference. Introducing Gamma, our proprietary AI technology, which allows us to analyse big data sets in real time​.

Qualitative approach​

We work collaboratively with clients on an ongoing basis to extract insights relevant to their business challenges​.

Gamma is the dedicated innovation lab of G Squared, comprising of a select team of consultants and engineers who collaborate with clients to craft purpose-built AI tools.

Frequently asked questions

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What platforms do you work with for web design and development?

We offer web design services across various platforms with specialisation in PHP and .NET frameworks:

  • Sitecore

  • Optimizely

  • Drupal

  • Contentful

  • Shopify

  • WordPress

One of our expert consultants will collaborate with you to discern your project requirements and business goals and find the best platform for your needs. From there, our Melbourne web designers will work with you to create an aesthetically pleasing, optimised, conversion-driving website tailored to your specifications using industry data and best practices.

How long does it take to complete a web design project?

Based on the complexity and scope of your needs, the specific timeframe for your web design project may vary. We will work closely with you to establish clear and realistic timelines to ensure timely delivery and effective project execution.

How involved will I be in the web design process?

Unlike some web design companies, G Squared takes a collaborative approach to web design and digital marketing projects. We involve you every step of the way throughout the web design process. From initial consultations and strategy sessions to design feedback and final approvals or walkthroughs, we ensure your vision is brought to life while meeting your business goals.

Do you offer ongoing website maintenance and support?

Yes. To ensure that your new website is future-proof, secure and fully functional, we offer services beyond the initial launch of your completed project. With regular updates, security checks and performance optimisations, our web designers in Melbourne can provide ongoing maintenance for all your web development needs.

Can you help with digital marketing for my new website?

Absolutely. In addition to web design, we offer comprehensive solutions for digital marketing requirements and challenges. Using best SEO practices, we can provide you with search engine marketing to go hand-in-hand with your new website—with newly ideated content or optimisation of existing content, technical audits and more, we can enhance your online presence and organically drive traffic to your site. 

Likewise, we can offer various paid media options to facilitate the effective and efficient execution of social media marketing campaigns to promote your site artificially. 

Our holistic approach ensures that our best web designers and developers can collaborate with our other services and team members to deliver a powerful tool to drive your business forward. Contact us today to enquire about our web design packages and integrated solutions.

Our real business results in Web.


Integrated digital strategy driving business growth

65% increase in organic conversions

30% increase in orders

13% decrease in bounce rate

Paid Media



Redefining TAHE NSW's web solution

14% bounce rate reduction

22% improved engagement rate

11% increased time on page


Sealy Australia

Simplifying the Sealy Posturepedic online experience

85% mattress selector completions

22% improved exit rate

5% increased time on page


Mitsubishi Electric

Transforming the Mitsubishi Electric online experience

32% increase in organic conversions

45% increase in calls

34% increase in conversion rate



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