Amplify sales intent and demand for Ella Bache ahead of competitive key promotional periods.

Paid Media

Partnering with Ella Bache, a trusted skincare brand, we aimed to revitalise its presence in the digital realm. Our focus: leveraging key promotional periods in late 2023 to amplify sales intent and demand for their renowned products.

The Challenge.

With Ella Bache's bottom-of-funnel audience declining amidst fierce digital competition, our challenge was twofold. Challenger brands offered enticing discounts, while key sales periods loomed. We needed a strategy to boost product awareness and consideration early, nurturing users down the funnel pre-promotion.

The Integrated Solution.

We crafted a scalable solution utilising Meta and Google, strategically activated ahead of crucial promotional periods. Google's Demand Generation heightened brand awareness and search intent with engaging ads on YouTube, Discover, and Gmail, targeting skincare enthusiasts and lookalike audiences. Simultaneously, Meta Lead Generation expanded Ella Bache's database, enticing early sign-ups for Black Friday and Boxing Day sales. This strategy not only amplified eDM campaigns but also generated highly engaged users to retarget during the promotion, yielding more cost-effective results amidst the peak shopping season with notoriously increased inventory costs.

Despite reduced media spend, this year's promotional campaigns outperformed last year's across all metrics, affirming our strategy's impact on user engagement with Ella Bache.

The Results.

Our Demand Generation campaign effectively boosted brand awareness and consideration, evident in the improved results from the Brand paid search campaign. During Black Friday/Cyber Monday, revenue improved by 24%, with a rise in average order value and a 71% increase in ROAS year-on-year. Activating the Demand Gen campaign prior to key promotions led to heightened purchases and revenue in branded search. The Lead Generation campaign on Meta contributed to a substantial 79% revenue increase year-on-year, with a 97% improvement in ROAS.

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