Boosting engagement to position Gumtree as the leading hub for pet-related information.


600% boost in sessions for the Pet Insurance page.

93% increase in sessions on the Dogs-Puppies page

Average search position improved from 5.5 to 2.4

Gumtree, a leading online classifieds platform, recognised the need to enrich its pet category to attract and educate a growing user base of pet enthusiasts. The objective was to create an informative and engaging content hub that fosters responsible pet ownership and builds a thriving community. Key objectives:

  • Increase user traffic in the pet category.

  • Building a strong community among pet enthusiasts.

  • Educate potential and current pet owners about responsible pet ownership.

  • Establish Gumtree as a go-to resource for pet information.

The Challenge.

Gumtree faced several challenges: Challenges included enhancing brand awareness, user engagement, content optimisation, and community building amidst a competitive digital marketplace. They needed to address the entire pet buyer journey, from discovery to post-purchase, and fill content gaps related to life moments affecting pet ownership decisions.

  • Brand Awareness: Despite Gumtree’s strong presence in the online classifieds space, there was a need to increase brand visibility and non-brand keyword rankings within the pets category.

  • Engagement: There was an apparent lack of content that engaged users at various stages of the pet buyer journey, from initial interest to post-purchase support.

  • User Experience: The existing site structure presented a fragmented user experience, particularly for those seeking comprehensive guidance on pet ownership.

  • Content Optimisation: Important life moments that influence pet buying decisions were not adequately addressed, leading to gaps in targeted content.

The Integrated Solution.

G Squared developed a tailored content strategy for Gumtree, centering on the significant life moments of pet enthusiasts. This comprehensive approach involved launching a dedicated content hub, creation of 60+ informational dog breed pages, 100+ pet blogs, and improving internal linking to pet listings. The strategic content deployment resulted in a substantial increase in engagement with the dogs and puppies pages. This comprehensive content ecosystem significantly elevated traffic and engagement on key pet category pages. 

Content Strategy

Leveraging insights from the strategic workshops, a robust content strategy was created. The focus was on creating high-quality, informative, and engaging resources that aligned with the interests and needs of the target demographics.

User Personas

The development of pet buyer personas was integral to Gumtree's approach. By understanding the characteristics, goals, life moments and pain points of a pet buyer, Gumtree could tailor its content and user experience more effectively.

'Jobs to be Done' Framework

The 'Jobs to be Done' framework helped Gumtree to focus on the tasks that users were trying to accomplish on the platform, such as learning about pet care, dog breeds, connecting with breeders, or finding pet insurance.

Gumtree's strategic SEO and content revamp led to a seamless, informative user journey for pet owners.

The Results.

The pet category content strategy resulted in a notable increase in pageviews for Pets and Pet Insurance pages, with marked improvements in SERP positions and a strengthened backlink profile. This strategy, deeply informed by user insights, led to enhanced user engagement and community interaction. Key results include a significant rise in organic clicks, particularly for the Dogs & Puppies page, and a 600% boost in sessions for the Pet Insurance page. Gumtree continued to dominate page 1 of search results with multi-image thumbnails for specific breeds, reinforcing its position as a leading source of pet-related content. This focused approach has improved Gumtree's visibility in search results, firmly establishing it as a leader in online pet classifieds.

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