The website project presented us with an exciting challenge: to create a visually striking, user-friendly, and informative platform that effectively communicates Nuix's industry-leading solutions to a global audience. Our team at G Squared embarked on this endeavor with a human-centred design approach, aiming to meet the diverse needs of the user personas and cap it off with an elevated design based on Nuix's global rebrand.

The Challenge.

Two key problems were presented to us:

Outdated look & feel

The website's visual identity, including its brand colours, typography, and overall aesthetics, no longer aligned with Nuix's current brand direction. The outdated appearance created a disconnect between Nuix's brand image and the user experience, potentially eroding brand trust and credibility. The lack of a cohesive and visually appealing design hindered the website's ability to captivate users and communicate Nuix's cutting-edge solutions effectively. The introduction of a new brand acted as a springboard to transform the digital experience.

Cluttered Information Architecture (IA)

The information architecture of suffered from clutter and disorganisation. The website's structure, navigation, and content layout did not prioritise the user's needs or facilitate easy access to key information. As a result, users encountered difficulties in finding relevant content, understanding Nuix's product offerings, and navigating through the website seamlessly. The cluttered information architecture contributed to a frustrating user experience, hampering engagement and conversion rates.

The Solution.

To address the challenges faced by, G Squared implemented a comprehensive solution that focused on human-centered design principles, an innovative rebranding strategy, and a technically robust implementation. Our approach aimed to enhance the user experience, effectively convey Nuix's product and solution offerings, and drive customer engagement and conversion.

Key pieces of data informed our approach

The website's bounce rate sat at a critical 78%, with average session duration only 55 seconds. In addition, and uncommonly, desktop traffic was 86% of total traffic - highlighting the heavy corporate skew of their audience. It drove us to create an experience that was equally immersive as it was engaging, and focused on bringing the _new_ Nuix brand to life.

Human-Centered Design (HCD) methodology

We adopted a human-centered design approach to ensure that the website's design and functionality were aligned with the needs and preferences of Nuix's target audience. Through user research, usability testing, and iterative design processes, we gained valuable insights into user behaviors and preferences. This enabled us to create a user experience that was intuitive, seamless, and engaging, ensuring that visitors could easily navigate the website and find the information they sought.

Bringing the new brand to life

To revitalise Nuix's digital identity, we developed an innovative UI strategy that modernised their digital visual aesthetics absed on their rebrand and new brand book. We introduced a fresh color palette with gradient colors, leveraging their dynamic qualities to convey Nuix's innovative and forward-thinking nature. Additionally, we incorporated geometric shapes and subtle animations throughout the website to create visual interest and enhance the overall user experience. The new brand elements were carefully integrated into the website's design to ensure consistency and coherence with Nuix's updated brand guidelines.

In addition, we incorporated a custom scroll-based animation and use of short/looping videos to help convey Nuix's new key message: finding truth in a digital world. In addition, we utilised people-first imagery, paired with messages such as 'making her world safer', to highlight and enhance Nuix's proposition.

Technical solution powered by Drupal 10

Our technical solution leveraged the power of Drupal 10, a robust and scalable content management system (CMS). We customised Drupal to meet Nuix's specific requirements and ensure seamless integration with their backend systems. One of the key integrations was with Pardot, a marketing automation platform, to enable efficient data flow and seamless lead generation. This integration allowed Nuix to capture and manage customer data effectively, providing valuable insights for marketing and sales efforts.

Integrating with Pardot for data flow

By integrating Drupal with Pardot, we enabled a streamlined data flow between the website and the marketing automation platform. This integration facilitated lead generation, tracking, and nurturing by capturing user interactions and seamlessly passing them to Pardot for automated marketing campaigns. The custom integration ensured that Nuix could leverage the full potential of their marketing automation efforts, effectively converting website visitors into qualified leads and ultimately customers.

The Results.

The implementation of our comprehensive solution successfully addressed the initial problems encountered on, resulting in significant improvements across multiple aspects of the website. The following outcomes demonstrate the positive impact of our work:

Revitalised UI Framework

The website's design underwent a remarkable transformation, breaking free from its stagnant state. With an innovative rebranding strategy, we introduced gradient colors, geometric shapes, and subtle animations, creating a visually captivating and modern interface. The new design successfully aligned with Nuix's brand identity, evoking a sense of innovation, professionalism, and trust. User feedback and engagement metrics indicated a positive response to the refreshed design, contributing to a more compelling user experience.

Enhanced Digital Experience

By implementing a human-centered design approach, we meticulously addressed the previous clunky user experience. The website's information architecture underwent a thorough restructuring, ensuring clear navigation and easy access to relevant content. Users now experience a seamless journey through intuitive interfaces, concise messaging, and strategically placed interactive elements. Improved engagement metrics, reduced bounce rates, and increased time spent on the website are clear indicators of the enhanced user experience achieved through our solution.

Effective Communication of Product/Solution Offerings

The revamped now effectively conveys the depth and breadth of Nuix's product and solution offerings. Through engaging visuals, informative content, and an optimised content strategy, we successfully presented Nuix's complex technologies in a clear and accessible manner. Visitors can now easily understand and appreciate the value and benefits of Nuix's solutions, leading to improved customer acquisition and conversion rates. The website serves as a comprehensive resource that educates, inspires, and drives users to take action.

Technical Best Practice and Integration

Our technical solution, built on Drupal 10, provided a robust foundation for The customised integration with Pardot streamlined data flow and empowered Nuix with valuable insights into user interactions and lead generation. The seamless integration ensured efficient marketing automation, enabling Nuix to nurture leads effectively and optimise their marketing efforts. The technical excellence exhibited in the implementation contributed to improved website performance, security, and scalability.

Whilst it's too early to have a large enough data set to judge, the early results are exceeding expectations - including:

  • 15.05% increase in average time on page

  • 198% increase in unique page views

  • 35% improved exit rate

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