14% bounce rate reduction

22% improved engagement rate

11% increased time on page

TAHE NSW led a competitive pitch to find a digital partner to spearhead their new website project on the all-of-government CMS, Drupal. We proposed a solution that utilises government-endorsed technology, but positions the brand as a property & asset owner in NSW and not only a state government department but a figurehead for project development.

The Challenge.

Ultimately, the core challenge was to differentiate the TAHE NSW digital solution from other related government bodies. In addition, a key challenge arose during the research phase when we understood the various and diverse user personas that access the website regularly, and their varying needs. Often, it’s difficult to cater for all but in this instance we did so by creating a staggered information architecture that broke up the website into various primary areas – dependent on the user’s needs.

The Solution.

We designed our solution to be largely immersive, utilising short-form video and other rich media assets to better bring to life the communities that TAHE NSW serves, and the assets it owns. In addition, we introduced secondary colours to help create visual cues to prompt engagement and built a content architecture that was built around core user objectives. We then build the system in Drupal, the all-of-government CMS, and worked with TransportNSW to deploy on a dedicated and highly secure environment.

The new solution has been lauded as a great success by stakeholders including TransportNSW, with further enhancement and evolution work now in planning.

The Results.

Our research & insights phase allowed us to deep-dive into the diverse user personas and their objectives. From there, a streamlined user flow was created that breaks up the content and information architecture according to their needs. This has resulted in the statistics shown above, and a general lift in website engagement.

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