Driving Giant Bicycles' digital success through a full-funnel strategy, emphasising Click & Collect to boost in-store purchases.

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77% increase total ecom rev for Giant Bicycles

37% increase total ecom rev for Liv Cycling

With a deep understanding of terrains and love for innovation, Giant Bicycles is an iconic brand in the world of Australian cycling. Giant aimed to boost online and in-store sales amidst tough competition. Facing challenges of limited Click & Collect awareness, they partnered with us to overhaul their digital strategy. Our partnership underscores their commitment to overcoming digital marketing challenges and inspiring riders to explore the open road.

The Challenge.

Giant Bicycles faced extensive digital challenges. They struggled with limited Click & Collect awareness. Limited tracking capabilities hindered efforts to address a low conversion rate of around 1%. Compounding these challenges was steep competition from brands that offered limited eComm options but boasted a broader network of stockist choices. The challenges demanded an integrated digital strategy for enhancing brand visibility, optimising customer journeys, and fortifying the client’s competitive stance in the market.

The Integrated Solution.

Our goal was to boost both online and in-store purchases through Click & Collect. We strategically amplified the Giant brand to engage high-intent audiences and drive online conversions. Leveraging video content, targeted Google ads, and retargeting, we cultivated an engaged audience and increased customer lifetime value. Understanding the customer journey, we employed a cross-platform approach to ensure multiple touchpoints before purchase. Our scalable approach supports local stores, tapping into customer preferences for in-store experiences and immediate gratification. By promoting Click & Collect, we aimed to capitalise on the 65% of in-store shoppers who prefer this option to avoid shipping costs.

Our digital efforts not only drive online sales but also enhance in-store outcomes, contributing to overall revenue growth. As Giant stores open, geotargeting and store-led placements further maximise revenue potential by reaching nearby prospects with a higher propensity to purchase.

Plenty of wins including exceeding our online sales targets for the year which can heavily be attributed to our digital strategy through you

The Results.

In just two months, our efforts yielded exceptional results for Giant Bicycles. Surpassing end-of-year sales goals by six weeks and witnessing a remarkable surge in year-on-year revenue, Black Friday sales alone surpassed the previous month's total revenue. Our integrated approach delivered a substantial 77% e-commerce revenue boost for Giant and a notable 37% increase for Liv, solidifying their digital presence and market share. Leveraging existing customer potential, targeted campaigns, and tailored messaging drove scalable online revenue growth. By showcasing the brand to cycling enthusiasts through video content and meta ads, and targeting users actively searching for bike options on Google, we engaged with avid cyclists and expedited the path to purchase, boosting consideration across product categories.

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