Enhancing Mitsubishi Electric’s online presence and conversion metrics in a competitive market.


Grew quote request submissions by 34%

18% year-over-year increase in organic traffic

Regained and enhanced search rankings within 6 months post-migration

Mitsubishi Electric, an established leader in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry, aimed to strengthen its online presence and improve conversion metrics amidst a fiercely competitive market. With a goal to stand out in the saturated market, the challenge was not only to compete but also to create a unique Mitsubishi Electric experience for potential customers.

The Challenge.

Mitsubishi Electric's primary challenges included:

  • Competition: Stiff competition with major brands like Daikin, requiring a competitive edge in the customer experience online.

  • Brand Engagement: Developing strategies to build brand engagement and guide users through a conversion-centric customer journey.

  • SEO Performance: Overcoming the decline in search rankings following a website migration in April 2022.

  • Conversion Metrics: Increasing quote requests despite the changing online search landscape.

  • User Engagement: Improving user interaction with the site, particularly on category pages, as a signal for the need for content enhancement.

The Integrated Solution.

The multi-faceted solution aimed at optimising the entire customer journey, thereby improving UX, organic search visibility, driving relevant traffic, and increasing conversions. The solution included:

  • Technical SEO enhancements for better site crawlability, seamless navigation and user experience.

  • Content strategies targeting broad, informational keywords and local market tailoring while aligning with global brand messaging.

  • Strategic backlink campaign to acquire high-quality links from industry-related sites.

  • Optimisation across the customer journey from interest to action stages, with targeted activities like blog posts, category page optimisations, and Google business profile optimisations.

Our approach was to elevate the presence of Mitsubishi Electric in the market through strategic visibility in searches related to air conditioners and refrigerators.

The Results.

  • Increased organic traffic: 18% year-over-year increase in organic traffic.

  • Higher conversion rates: Implemented full-funnel optimisation strategies led to 34% increase in quote request conversions.

  • Site visibility: Significant improvement in both branded and non-branded keyword rankings.

  • Recovered post-migration performance: Successfully navigated through a decline in search rankings due to website migration, restoring and surpassing previous performance levels within six months.

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