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Zeus Street Greek


Our brief was clear: relaunch the Zeus Street Greek digital experience to help extend the in-store experience online. The user needs to immediately feel the energy, nuances and quirks of the brand via its digital shopfront, and allow a balance between storytelling and streamlined UX to achieve conversion results.

The Challenge.

Fundamentally, the problem was twofold: one, the digital experience was left behind as the brand grew and evolved to 30+ locations; and two, the experience wasn't fine-tuned to meet user needs (i.e. connecting them with a location, menu, and online ordering).

The client set out a key target - to lift conversion rate to above 3%. The current conversion rate had consistently sat around 1.2-1.5% and was on a steady decline in the preceding quarters.

In addition, the client's aim was to ensure their reliance on third-party delivery platforms such as Uber Eats decreased through our new digital platform, which prompted users to order direct.

The Solution.

Our solution was a holistic blend of captivating storytelling, innovative technology, and meticulous attention to detail, aimed at seamlessly integrating the essence of Zeus Street Greek into a captivating, relaunched digital experience.

  • Engaging Storytelling and Personalisation: We leveraged the power of storytelling to immerse users in the essence of the Zeus brand. Through captivating narratives and personalised content, we ensured that each interaction with the digital platform resonated with authenticity and connectedness.

  • WordPress and Gutenberg Editor: We utilised the flexibility and scalability of WordPress, coupled with the intuitive editing capabilities of the Gutenberg editor, to craft a dynamic and visually stunning digital platform. The combination of WordPress's robust content management system and Gutenberg's block-based interface empowered us to create highly customised and responsive layouts, ensuring a seamless user experience across devices.

  • Custom Integrations with Bopple: Central to our solution was the seamless integration with Zeus Street Greek's ordering system, Bopple. Through custom API integrations, we facilitated direct and real-time communication between the digital platform and the Bopple ordering system. This enabled users to browse the menu, place orders, and track delivery or pick-up status effortlessly, all within the familiar and branded environment of the Zeus Street Greek digital platform.

  • Geo-Personalisation with Google Maps API: To enhance user engagement and facilitate location-based interactions, we implemented a custom integration with the Google Maps API. By harnessing the power of geolocation technology, we personalised the user experience based on their proximity to Zeus Street Greek locations. Users were seamlessly guided to their nearest restaurant, presented with relevant menu options, and provided with real-time directions, enhancing convenience and driving conversion.

  • Collaborative Development and Continuous Iteration: Throughout the development process, we collaborated closely with the Zeus marketing team and key stakeholders to ensure alignment with strategic objectives and user preferences. Regular feedback sessions and agile development methodologies facilitated rapid iteration and refinement, ensuring that the final digital platform surpassed expectations and delivered tangible results. This process continues today on monthly sprint intervals and a test & learn framework to ensure the website continues to meet both business and user needs.

This comprehensive approach, combining engaging storytelling with innovative technology and collaborative development, revitalised the Zeus Street Greek digital experience, driving enhanced engagement, conversion, and customer satisfaction.

The Results.

The impact of our collaborative efforts is evident in the tangible results achieved:

  • Conversion Rate Increase: Despite the ambitious target of surpassing a 3% conversion rate, our solution delivered a significant improvement, lifting the conversion rate to 3.6%. This represents a notable enhancement in customer engagement and purchasing behaviour, signalling the effectiveness of the revamped digital experience.

  • Engagement Rate Uplift: We witnessed a remarkable 23% increase in the engagement rate, indicating that users were not only visiting the digital platform but also actively interacting with its content. This heightened level of engagement is a testament to the compelling storytelling and personalised experiences crafted through our solution.

  • Bounce Rate Reduction: Our efforts resulted in a 14% reduction in the bounce rate, indicating that users were more inclined to explore the digital platform and navigate through its various sections. By streamlining the user experience and providing relevant, accessible information, we successfully mitigated bounce and retained user interest.

  • Efficiency Enhancement for Marketers: The implementation of our solution led to an 18% increase in efficiency in the use of the back-end content management system (CMS) by marketers. This streamlined workflow empowered the marketing team to more effectively manage and optimise digital content, ultimately driving greater impact and ROI.

These results underscore the effectiveness of our collaborative approach and the transformative impact of our solution on the Zeus Street Greek digital experience. By prioritising user needs, leveraging engaging storytelling, and fostering stakeholder collaboration, we have successfully revitalised the brand's online presence and unlocked new opportunities for growth and success.

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