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Mitigate your brand's risk, and handle increased volume, during COVID-19
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Specialised training on COVID-19 scenarios & response sensitivity
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After seeing an up to 400% increase in brand mentions and critical interactions across our suite of clients, we have launched a specific service for COVID-19 social media monitoring. The service focuses on monitoring (in real-time) the higher than normal volumes, and increase in sensitive information, due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Our team has undergone specialised training on COVID-19, including enhancing skill in specific scenarios and response sensitivities.

We have three levels of servicing:

Level 1 Service

Level 1

  • monitor only
  • flag interactions requiring attention
  • hide/delete per social media policy
Level 2 Service

Level 2

  • monitor outlets
  • respond to interactions based on FAQs/knowledge database
  • hide/delete per social media policy
level 3 Service

Level 3

  • monitor outlets
  • respond to interactions with free-form responses (based on training)
  • hide/delete per social media policy

A key benefit of utilising our 24/7 Social Media Monitoring service is that risk it mitigates. Central to this is our commitment to understanding the context around the brand at all times, and have set up various custom dashboard hat pick up news, trends and conversations around your brand in real-time.

How does it work?

We have a team of Community Managers who work around-the-clock to mitigate your brand’s risk online and ensure your brand remains responsive and active during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Social Monitoring

Remain alert & active during the pandemic

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COVID-19 trained community managers
Day & Night Monitoring
24/7 monitoring, locally
Phone call escalation from real people
Cost Effective Social Monitoring
Reduced rates during COVID-19 to support business community
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Expedited 1 business day onboarding
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is social media monitoring important during COVID-19?

The outbreak has caused up to a 400% increase in volume for some of our clients. Given this, it's important that your audience is not left in the dark in relation to your brand's COVID-19 response, and in particular that key or critical scenarios are handled or escalated promptly.

What social media monitoring tools do you use?

As a leading social media agency, we work with all major social media marketing platforms including Sprinklr, Sprout Social, Social Studio, Falcon Social, Meltwater and more.

Is this an automated service or do you have real people monitoring?

We have a team of Community Managers who work in Sydney around-the-clock to mitigate your COVID-19 risk online and ensure your brand remains responsive during the pandemic.

Where does the monitoring occur?

Following social distancing; isolation guidelines, our team is working in multiple locations across Sydney, NSW

Are the community managers trained on our social framework?

Of course! Our team is trained on the social platform you use,  your social policy, tone of voice, escalation policy, and risk mitigation process and frameworks. We are able to work as an extension of your team, escalating enquiries internally as your internal community managers would. Due to the outbreak, we have expedited onboarding timing to 1 business day.

We’ve worked with some of Australia's leading brands in managing their community, including:

Barnardos Australia
Monash University
NRMA Insurance
iPhone Facebook

Let us help you.

Our COVID-19 social media monitoring service is designed to assist you, the client, during this challenging period. Our service level extends from mitigating risk via monitoring for sensitive comments through to the capacity to help provide your customers with a 24/7 customer service channel. Please get in touch to discuss your challenges and how we can assist during COVID-19.