Sitecore Website Development

Sitecore is an enterprise-level Content Management System (CMS) esteemed for its scalability and flexibility, employed by global brands the world over such as Microsoft, Toshiba, and Canon. The Sitecore CMS goes beyond standard content management, giving your business remarkable functionality and total control over personalisation, social media integration, eCommerce and more.

We design and develop Sitecore around your requirements

At G Squared, we’re a Sydney web design agency who are big supporters of utilising Sitecore development services as an effective digital solution for Australian businesses. We believe that online brand success hinges on the ability to leverage an integrated, cost-effective and composable platform that can accommodate your unique business needs.

No matter what your Sitecore web development requirements are, we will create solid solutions to suit. Our team of experienced Sitecore developers and designers are proficient in crafting end-to-end customer experiences and content solutions that facilitate acquisition, conversion and retention. 

Working with you step by step

Our Sydney Sitecore development team will work closely with your brand to thoroughly understand your unique requirements for website functionality, scalability and security. We make it a point to keep you well-informed and involved throughout all stages of design and development, ensuring that all of your requirements are incorporated in the build in the the way that you need so your project vision can be realised. 

It’s this consultative approach that enables us to capture the true essence of your brand personality and create an exceptional web design that fosters memorable customer journeys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sitecore is a leading customer experience platform – a CMS used by enterprise-level businesses to manage, personalise, test, optimise and automate content, as well as gain valuable customer insights.

Sitecore operates using a web user interface, similar to that of a Windows desktop, where developers can easily toggle and search between databases, content, layouts, templates, media library files and more. An accommodating collective of developers that form the Sitecore community make it easy to exchange knowledge and receive Sitecore support when external assistance is needed.

As a fully integrated platform complete with eCommerce tools and digital marketing tactics, Sitecore offers a number of outstanding features and benefits such as multi-site management, cross-channel data analysis, personalised data collection, and much more.

In addition to giving you unfettered control over every aspect of your website, Sitecore allows for the collection of real-time customer data across web, mobile, social and IoT, using machine learning to produce actionable insights needed to boost engagement and increase conversions.

Sitecore can use any .NET Framework programming language such as C# or F#, with the former being the most popular.

The successful execution of any Sitecore project depends on the expertise and experience of the .NET web development professionals on your side. Requirement analysis, migration, mobile app development, functionality enhancement and architecture planning are just some of the fundamental skills necessary to ensure positive customer experiences on your brand site.

Moreover, because of the rapidly evolving nature of the Sitecore platform with its regular release of brand new functions and features, it’s vital to have a technical lead behind the scenes who can promptly interpret and apply these enhancements so you can continue to have an edge on your competition.

Sitecore comes with a number of SEO capabilities that can help your business rank on the search engine results pages (SERPs). From user-friendly URL generation and XML sitemap indexing to intuitive internal linking management tools, Sitecore gives your brand the keys to on-page SEO success.

Yes. Sitecore websites are automatically responsive, optimising web content for display and functionality across all major devices including desktop, mobile and tablet.

It depends. Every new enterprise website is built in accordance with custom project requirements which can play a significant role in impacting page loading speed. Our Sitecore CMS development team will consult on your project’s requirements to see that optimal page loading speeds are achieved for your business.

We have a comprehensive approach to UX, beginning with research, focus groups and workshops, before funneling our learnings into a low fidelity design. This process ensures we design a solution centred around your audience segments and use real data to drive conversions for your brand.

We suggest using Microsoft Azure cloud as a cost-effect hosting solution for Sitecore websites.

The full Sitecore website development and design process can take anywhere between 3-12 months to complete depending on the scale of the website. Additionally, the website build time may also be extended by the additional integration of 3rd party applications.

The cost of building a Sitecore website is very much dependent on the size of the website, functionality requirements, design features and integration requirements. We suggest getting in touch with us and briefing us on your Sitecore project’s requirements.

Yes. We stand by all our Sitecore web design and web development work. All our Sitecore projects come with a 12 month warranty which covers any design and code fixes.

Yes. When you enter into a retainer agreement with us, you are entitled to regular Sitecore website backups, as well as maintenance and support.