6 Insanely Good Copywriting Tips

20 July, 2022
Brandon Lever
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  • What is conversion copywriting?
  • 6 Copywriting tips that are sure to convert
  • Work with a professional copywriter

From blogs and landing pages to social media captions and product overviews – copywriting is an integral part of any well-rounded digital marketing strategy. And as with most things, there is an art to it. 

Copywriting, at its best, is persuasive. Compelling. Successful in giving users that gentle yet firm push to take the action you want them to take. Whether that’s to make a phone call, click a CTA button, subscribe, or complete an online form, conversion copywriting – done right – will make it happen. In this article, you’ll learn the art of persuasion as we discuss some of the most valuable tips and techniques for writing conversion-focused copy.


What is conversion copywriting?

Conversion copywriting centers on writing copy that encourages readers to take a specific action. This could be anything from subscribing to a newsletter to making a purchase. The key is to write copy that speaks directly to the needs and desires of your target audience while highlighting the benefits the product or service stands to bring to their lives.


6 Copywriting tips that are sure to convert

1. Spellcheck!

Considering that 59% of readers will avoid giving their business to brands with spelling errors and grammatical mistakes in their copy, the need for air-tight text is essential.

2. Keep it simple

Believe it or not, statistics have shown that copy receives 36% more responses when it’s written at a level that 3rd graders can understand. So cut down on the technical lingo and write something with super-easy readability.

3. Structure and format accordingly

Given that only 20% to 28% of page content is actually read by users, making your copy scannable is a must! You can achieve this simply by breaking up your page copy with:

  • clear, descriptive subheadings

  • bullet points

  • short 15-word sentences (avg.)

  • bolded important keywords

4. Know your customer, know their pain (point)

It’s near to impossible to write effective conversion copy if you don’t know who you’re writing for. Researching your audience and developing customer personas allow you to identify customer pain points. In knowing this, you can then write about how your product or service solves this problem.

5. Get to the point, quick

Just like in journalism with the inverted pyramid structure, you want to put the most important information upfront. No more rambling intros. Readers should be able to read the first few sentences of the page/paragraph and know the main point instantly.

6. Know your goal

Conversion copywriting is all about prompting the reader to take a desired action. So ask yourself: “What is the action I want the user to take?” Once you know this, your page copy should centre on this and this alone. Be it making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter or signing up to a free event – everything about your copy should reinforce this message. No distractions.


Work with a professional copywriter

While conversion copywriting may seem easy enough, crafting high-converting copy is a whole other skill. With the success and reputation of your brand at stake, you don’t want to leave anything to chance.

Our integrated digital marketing agency in Sydney boasts a dedicated content team who specialise in crafting high-converting web copy. Our consultative approach in working closely with our clients allows us to identify real opportunities to reach your most valuable customers with a bespoke content strategy. So if you’re looking to take your conversion rates up a notch, get in touch with us today!

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